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4 Quick Ways to Effectively Use Twitter for Your Small Business

Effectively Using Twitter to Market Your Small Business

It's often difficult to gain a strong social media following as a small business. Your small business likely has the disadvantage of not being a household name or well-known among many people. But that doesn't mean you should disregard social media altogether or write off certain social media networks, like Twitter for instance. Yes, Twitter is a favorable marketing tool for businesses and audiences. Used strategically, it can be much more than just a place to tweet about your personal thoughts and activities in 140 characters or to follow/retweet your favorite celebrities.

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3 Critical Reasons Original Photos Are Better than Stock Photography

Photography Shoot with Client

When it comes to your website, online marketing, and social media, visual content is quickly becoming a leading aspect to promoting your business, your products, and the work you do. So how do you decide between original photos and stock photography? Here are 3 reasons why we feel original photos are almost always a better option.

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Effectively Reaching your Target Audience on Social Media Platforms

Effectively Reaching Target Audience

In a world where potential customers are exposed to advertising nearly every waking minute, it's tough to create an effective message that truly resonates with your target market. That's where effective social media implementation and marketing comes into play, but how to decide which social media platforms are best for your small business is a challenge on its own. Marketing via social media is so much more than simply posting to Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Google+, or Instagram. If all you're doing is posting blindly, you might as well be casting a net into the open ocean. It looks promising, but you're not likely to catch what you’re looking for, or anything at all.

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Why Visuals Are a Must for Social Media Posts

Importance of Social Media Visuals

With the universal shift of online communicating with friends, family, clients, prospective clients, etc., posting on social media can be one of the best ways to share updates about your business and industry resources. In regards to social media especially, your online audience sees these updates and resources and might share them with their network. But what pushes people to share, or even read the posts that pop up in their social media feeds? Essentially, your words are on component which draws current and potential members of your audience to your social media pages.

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Systematically Tracking Your Marketing Efforts to Streamline Campaigns

Catalyst Post Tracking Marketing Efforts

Article originally featured in the Lee's Summit Chamber of Commerce's business magazine called Catalyst. You can see the original article in their magazine here:

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How to Strengthen Your Small Business's Brand Strategy for 2016

How to Strengthen Brand Strategy

In any field, it's important to have a strong brand strategy. Your company brand shows your customers how much you care about your business and the work you do. This approach is especially essential for small businesses, who can have many challenges to overcome to stay afloat, meaning it’s imperative their brand strategies come out swinging. Small businesses are often focused on the many other challenges of running their business, and their brand consistency and messaging is often addressed only as an afterthought. To make sure your small business's brand strategy is at its strongest, here are 4 tips on how to strengthen your small business's brand strategy.

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What Are Facebook Live Videos and How Should Small Businesses Use Them?

Facebook Live Videos for Small Business

What are Facebook live videos and how should small businesses utilize them? If your small business has a company Facebook page but isn’t familiar with their new live videos feature, here's what you need to know.

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Why are Online Customer Reviews Important for Small Businesses?

Importance of Online Customer Reviews for Small Businesses

As a small business owner, you have put a significant amount of time and work into crafting the perfect website and promoting your company utilizing many different marketing methods. Yet, many small businesses forget the importance of encouraging customer reviews (also commonly called testimonials). Keep in mind that reviews are naturally useful on your website, but perhaps even more so, elsewhere on the web. If you are wondering why requesting customer reviews are worth the extra effort, consider the following reasons.

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FAQ: What is Content Marketing?

What is Content Marketing?

Contact marketing has been discussed a lot this past year among businesses as a great way to establish their brand online, and it’s arguably going to be even more important for 2016. We get comments from small business owners saying they often hear the phrase, but are not familiar with what it entails. For those who may be getting started in the online marketing realm, understanding what content marketing can be confusing at first.

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Evaluating Social Media - What's Best for your Small Business?

social media planning

This article was originally seen in the Lee's Summit Chamber of Commerce's business magazine called Catalyst.  You can see the original article in their magazine at

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