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Collecting Customer Contact Information Makes a Difference in Marketing

Keeping track of who was present during business hours for various reasons can be a good practice, especially when it comes to following up with these visitors. For retail businesses, this could be a way to reach out to them with special promotions or coupons. For meetings or office check-ins, collect customer contact information with sign in sheets, website forms, business cards, etc. There are many useful and creative ways for a small business to use customer contact information to better market to their customers.

person entering contact information into sign up form on laptop

How Can Contact Information Help Small Businesses’ Marketing Efforts?


Email Marketing

Email marketing is a proven way to engage with customers. People enjoy signing up for emailing lists, knowing they're going to get some amazing deals online and all they have to do is give you their email. Email marketing has benefits over social media marketing, as content can be personalized in a way social media is not.

SMS Marketing

Although email marketing works for many types of consumers, SMS marketing can better target millennials, who can be an essential consumer to many small businesses. Targeting millennials increases the probability of having a lifetime consumer and long-lasting relationships. Using SMS marketing that is both personalized and engaging creates a convenient way for them to stay connected to your business.

How Should a Small Business Collect Contact Information?

If collecting information in person, consider having visitors sign up via an in-person kiosk. For office walk-ins, having a visitor sign in sheet set up at the front desk can help you keep track of who’s coming in and the reason for their visit. Don’t forget “visitors” via your online website either. Be sure a contact form is readily present throughout your website with the option to subscribe to emails and/or text messages. These ideas can encourage sign-ups in a convenient manner and minimize any hassle in the collection process.

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