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Increase Your Marketing Audience with a Vehicle Sign

Marketing is about getting attention, but if audiences expect a banner ad or a commercial clip, they may easily ignore it if there are other things to watch. That means providing interesting content when there's little competition is a good way to advertise; an easy way to do that is with a vehicle decal.

overhead shot of vehicles in street

How can you best use vehicle decals and signs to promote your business?

  • Choose the car(s) wisely. If you do delivery, adding a catchy decal with your business branding and logo on your company vehicle can be some of the best advertising you can do. It spreads name and brand recognition in neighborhoods and locations that have already shown interest in your business, and it acts as mobile, non-static advertisement. If you want to advertise with your personal car, make sure it matches the style of your business before you invest in a cling or magnet.
  • Make the sign bright and attractive without being too much of a distraction. Your vehicle can be a diverting ad during rush hour and can get your message across with just a quick glance. However, if your vehicle signage is too pushy or distracting, it loses appeal. Make good use of the limited space by strategically using striking colors and logical pictures, while balancing informative text.
  • Use a generalized message.  Seasonal advertising can be an effective part of your marketing campaigns, but incorporating vehicle signs and decals are more long-term strategies. Market your primary service or product, and make sure your contact information is clear. Save seasonal ads for in-store and online graphics. For the best visibility, add a sign to the driver's side of the vehicle and more concise decals on the back.

Vehicular magnetic signs and decals are becoming increasingly popular and easier to create, and the space they advertise in isn't yet oversaturated. Consider the specifics of adding vehicle advertising before your competitors do, and contact us for more small business marketing strategies.

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