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Google Analytics Analysis Part 2: Dive Deep Into Your Geographical Data

Having a website means you can do business with virtually anyone. But having a site with Google Analytics means you can know from where your business and potential interest is originating. Knowing location details can help you either target your business...
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Featured Client: Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture (CCUA) & Their Build This Town Campaign

Introducing CCUA and the Campaign Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture works to enhance our community’s health by connecting people to agriculture and the land through hands-on learning opportunities from seed to plate. Their 1.3-acre Urban Farm grows thousands of pounds of...
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Google Analytics Analysis Part 1: Read Your Google Analytics Data By Date

In June, we discussed how to effectively leverage Google Analytics for your website.  Due to the sheer volume and robustness of data provided by Google Analytics, small business owners can often get lost amongst the data and reports.  Today, we launch...
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Google's Keyword Planner: Everything You Need to Know

When writing website copy or content for your business, keywords are a huge factor for SEO. The right keywords rank you higher on Google's search results, so achieving this requires the right tools and resources. One such tool is Google's Keyword Planner, which has features such as...
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What are the Disadvantages and Limitations of Website Builders?

Do you need a website for your business? Are you thinking of using a website builder (i.e. Wix, GoDaddy Website Builder, Squarespace, etc.)? Do you know the disadvantages and limitations of most website builders? Website builders can certainly help you build a...
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Facebook Advertising "Objectives": What They Mean for Your Business

As a small business, social media platforms such as Facebook are a great way to stay in front of your target audience. Along with gaining an audience through your posts, your business can also place ads through Facebook. The social media platform...
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New LinkedIn Company Pages: 3 Tweaks You Need to Know

Social media is evolving rapidly, which means that there are frequent changes to mainstay platforms such as LinkedIn. As LinkedIn continues to grow and gain more users, there have been significant changes to the platform itself. Most recently, LinkedIn has rolled...
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Marketing Tips for Small Businesses Part 2: Gathering Data for Small Business Data Analysis

Data analysis can allow a small business owner to interpret historical results and analyze how those results might impact future trends. In our recent blog on June 28th, we discussed what business intelligence is and the purpose of data analysis. However,...
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Instagram: The Perfect Platform for Visual Content for Small Businesses

Instagram is one of the most accessible and most popular social media platform when it comes to advertising with unique images. If you are trying to expand your reach and stay connected with your customers, an Instagram account is a great...
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4 Key Features and Benefits of NAS (Network Attached Storage) Devices for Small Businesses

Last Updated on April 23, 2021 As a small business, you often need to work twice as hard to promote your company and successfully grow your business. At the same time, you need your technology to operate both reliably and streamlined on...
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Marketing Tips for Small Businesses Part 1: Data Analysis For Better Marketing

Real data analysis of the market can be defined as the research, condensing, illustration, and interpretation of hard data gathered from numerous sources. The data that is gathered and analyzed offers businesses insight into what is currently driving the markets, thus...
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It's in the Data: 3 Tips to Effectively Leverage Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a must-have tool for staying aware of the latest statistics and online trends on your site - from clicks, to page views, to traffic from specific devices. These solutions offer important insights into what people are doing on...
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Content Marketing Tips: What's Behind a Memorable Social Media Presence?

Nearly every business is on at least one social media platform, and there can be an overwhelming selection of company pages for users to view when searching for specific products or services. So how do you boost your social media presence...
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Gaining Links to Your Site: The Art of LinkedIn and Thought Leadership

LinkedIn, once just a social media site where people could connect to find employment, has now grown to become a hub for business marketing and thought leadership. Business owners, job seekers, and others have found that LinkedIn is extremely helpful in...
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SEO Ranking Factors: Mobile Ready and SSL Certificates

We continually try to keep our clients and readers updated on SEO ranking factors. Let’s be honest, a website is only helpful if your potential customers are actually reaching it. Below are some recent SEO topics we’ve discussed on our blog....
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Schedule Social Media Posts with These Handy Tools

Social media is an up-to-the minute job. Your audience is expecting quality informational posts and updates in real-time. Unless you’re consistently sitting at your computer with free time, this seems impossible for any business to master themselves. Luckily there are many...
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Facebook’s Latest Algorithm Change Favors Engaging Videos

Social media's biggest player, Facebook, frequently changes their algorithm. This algorithm determines the content users see in their news feed, and the order in which it appears. For the best chance of success on the platform, your company's social media strategy...
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3 Common Myths About Graphic Design

Design in today's digital age is increasingly important since every medium of content needs to attract more eyes more quickly. Our attention zips from one appealing thing to another, and we only stick around if what we're consuming is aesthetically pleasing...
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Does Your E-Commerce Site Suffer from Duplicate Content?

Recently, a website visitor reached out to us with a very common issue. They are a small business with an e-commerce website, and their product pages included mostly duplicate content. This is not uncommon, as many manufacturers and suppliers will provide...
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The Latest on Microsoft Azure: Cloud Software that Simplifies Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

You may have seen this software advertised one way or another on the Internet, but do you know what it is and what amazing things it can do for your business? Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform released in February...
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4 Reasons Why MailChimp Outshines Constant Contact for Small Business Email Marketing

As a small business owner, it’s extremely important to maintain a relationship with your clients. A great way to reach a wider audience is through email marketing. Email marketing lets you send a more personal message and sales pitch directly to...
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