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FAQ: When is My Small Business Website Ready for Online Advertising?

Making the choice to advertise online is a big one. You need to decide your budget, look for the right ad platforms, hone in on your targeted audience, and create effective campaigns that will get you the results you want. You...
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Consistent IT Updates - Crucial for Your Small Business

It is becoming increasingly rare to find a business, even a small business, that does not rely quite heavily on some form of technology to play an essential role in their everyday business operations.  Yet, when it comes to the safety...
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How to Use Google's Keyword Planner to Plan Your Website Content

You can drive traffic to your site with good content. No matter what business you're in, every article, brief post, and description on your website gives search engines more information about your business and gives potential customers a reason to keep exploring...
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How to Get the Most Out of Text on Social Media

Social media pages are evolving to be a continuous, scrollable presentation of content. They're designed to always offer users something new to look at, so they pull from more and more sources to fill users' homepages and timelines. While that means...
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5 Marketing Tips for Small Businesses to Launch Your Business with Impact

You have done the research, chosen your niche and have the capital to get started. You are passionate about your work and excited to get started launching your business. For a last check, walk through these five marketing tips for small...
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Increase Your Marketing Audience with a Vehicle Sign

Marketing is about getting attention, but if audiences expect a banner ad or a commercial clip, they may easily ignore it if there are other things to watch. That means providing interesting content when there's little competition is a good way...
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Video Marketing Part 5: How to Use YouTube as a Marketing Tool for Your Business

Did you know every minute there are 300 hours of video uploaded to YouTube? Because of all the “clutter,” videos advertising products and services often have an uphill battle to cut through the noise.  With a few additional steps, you can...
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4 Critical Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Content marketing offers tremendous opportunities for getting your message in front of potential customers.  However, when done poorly or inadequately, content marketing can result in nothing more than wasted time. Here are four common mistakes that can torpedo a small business'...
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Video Marketing Part 4: How to Get Facebook Video Views

In the third part of our video marketing series, we mentioned the idea of educational videos. Edutainment has always been a big hit in the visual media world. People love watching how to make or do something, even if they have...
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3 Ways to Effectively Keep Visitors on Your Website

Your company’s website is one of your best marketing engines.  It doesn’t sleep, require vacation, call-in sick, and it works 24x7. Some of the most effective ways to keep visitors on your site are universally known: have good content, solve your...
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Video Marketing Part 3: Capturing and Retaining Your Video Audience on Social Media

As we discussed in Part 2 of this series, hooking your audience’s attention is vital to the success of your video marketing efforts. However, to grab that attention, your small business must create the right videos tailored for the right platforms....
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Three Reasons Why Should You Invest in Technology for Your Small Business

Small businesses are built on a foundation of information. Whether it's your list of clients, your expertise, or how your software or online tools help businesses go about their business, the collection and careful use of that information is critical. Even...
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Video Marketing Part 2: How to Hook Your Audience through Videos

In Part 1 of our series, we discussed the benefit of incorporating videos into your marketing strategy.  People enjoy consuming video media online. It's easier than reading, more engaging than audio-only content, and is a great way to mix entertainment and...
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How to Improve Project Management

When it comes to project management, organizing even a small team can be overwhelming.  Whiteboards get erased, sticky notes get lost, and email chains become too long to read. In order to get more done, on-time and better than ever, your...
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Video Marketing Part 1: Humanize Your Small Business through Video

Small businesses can be at a disadvantage when it comes to video marketing. You don't necessarily have the immediate brand recognition of a behemoth brand like Walmart, and you clearly don't have the marketing budget of a quality car-brand like Cadillac....
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BONUS Google Analytics Part 4: Use Behavior Flow to Compare Your Expectations to Traffic Patterns

Over the past several weeks, we have written a three-part series on better understanding and analyzing your Google Analytics data.  Today, we’re wrapping up that series with a bonus fourth part (surprise!) focused on comparing your expectations to actual results.  ...
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Top 5 SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Trends to Consider This Year

Successful business owners know the power of staying abreast of search engine optimization (SEO) trends. Falling behind means losing rankings and potential customers.  These are five SEO trends to consider as we enter the latter half of 2017.   Machine Learning...
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Google Analytics Analysis Part 3: See from Where Your Most Useful Traffic is Coming

Your small business online presence takes a bit of experimentation. You never know quite where the most valuable customers will come from, what campaigns will spike the best, and even which landing page designs direct the most sales. But using Google...
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Hacks on Remote Desktop Apps: What They Are and How Businesses Can Protect Themselves

By providing the necessary tools that empower remote employees to communicate and work with each other, remote desktop apps equalize the playing field of modern business by enabling any business to tap into an enormous, global talent pool.  However, with benefits...
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Google Analytics Analysis Part 2: Dive Deep Into Your Geographical Data

Having a website means you can do business with virtually anyone. But having a site with Google Analytics means you can know from where your business and potential interest is originating. Knowing location details can help you either target your business...
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Featured Client: Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture (CCUA) & Their Build This Town Campaign

Introducing CCUA and the Campaign Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture works to enhance our community’s health by connecting people to agriculture and the land through hands-on learning opportunities from seed to plate. Their 1.3-acre Urban Farm grows thousands of pounds of...
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