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Online and Mobile Sales' Impacts on Small Businesses

According to a report by Forrester's on 2018 mobile web sales, smartphones will be used in more than one-third (accounting for over $1 trillion) of total U.S. retail sales at some point in the buying process in 2018, including research, price comparisons,...
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Increase Your Social Media Following with the Right Content and Interactions

Your social media followers don't immediately convert into customers. The process takes time. Converting followers into customers takes a bit of posting and management strategy. Your audience consists of a wide range of users, and the same directly promotional content for long-time...
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Two Search Engine Evolutions for Small Businesses – Proximity and Featured Snippets

Search engines used to be relatively simple, at least in concept. If a searcher had a question or a problem needing a solution, the searcher would type the query into a search engine. Then, either through keyword matching or, more recently,...
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2 Ways to Tie Your Brand and Social Media Profiles Together

The more places online and on social media your audience can find you, the stronger your brand will stand and grow. But don't isolate and nurture your channels independently. Instead, the best way to grow your audience and convert more visitors...
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Using Twitter to Gain Customers for your Small Business

As a small business, you may have trouble reaching and connecting with potential customers. How can you use Twitter to increase your online visibility to attract new customers? Twitter can be a valuable platform for many small businesses when properly implemented and utilized. ...
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Take the Lead with SEO Competitor Analysis

In many respects the world wide web has been a major game changer for small businesses. The web has opened up a company's door to a 24/7, world-wide audience. Customers can reach businesses anytime, anywhere with the simple touch of a...
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Shopping on Social Media: Instagram's Newest Feature

Recently, Instagram released its shopping feature to a general audience, including users in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Spain, and more. The feature gives approved businesses the ability to tag products in a post. Users can then view product details...
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Why Guest Posting Can Be a Savvy Marketing Approach for Small Businesses

Numerous industry and market-focused blogs exist across the web. These websites are packed full of resources, and quality blogs often come with a devoted following of readers. Guest posting on key blogs allows you to reach new audiences with your content,...
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Use LinkedIn's Smart Replies to Keep Your Network Open to Business Interactions

LinkedIn has existed on the periphery of what most users consider social media for years, but they're making a more and more concerted effort to gain legitimacy in that stage. While it's not as all-encompassing or as interactive as Twitter or...
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3 Social Media Mistakes That Will Shrink Your Small Business's Following

If your small business is on social media, you're likely there to grow your customer base, audience, and following. Unfortunately, we can make very basic mistakes that will get fewer people to follow us, and may even drive away some users...
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6 Key Tips for a Successful E-commerce-Based Small Business

Balancing a business, regardless of size, can be incredibly difficult. Management may be an incredibly demanding job and unpredictable journey; however, there are a few things you can do to lighten your entrepreneurial load when it comes to selling online. Focus. The...
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Video Marketing Trends to Grow Your Small Business

YouTube's global reach is far and wide, with users spending a billion hours consuming video content. Average people can gain celebrity fame and there are videos suited for everyone's needs, so this platform will surely continue growth throughout the year. Video marketing has become...
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Logo Design Trends In 2018

Your logo is arguably the most recognizable part of your business. People know who Pepsi and McDonalds are due to their iconic logos and their tie to their brand and products. But that doesn't mean you're limited to your original logo design....
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What is the New Google My Business Questions and Answers (Q&A) Feature and How to Use it?

Last Updated on 4/27/21 When customers search for a local business on Google, sometimes they have unanswered questions in their mind. Questions that, if answered, may capture their business. If left unanswered, these searchers may turn to another provider who successfully...
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Latest Statistics on Website and Network Hacks: How it Affects Small Businesses

It's easy to assume that being a small business, you'll be easily overlooked by hackers and other criminals, but sadly, that's not the case. In May of 2018, the Internet Crime Complaint Center division (IC3) of the FBI released a Public...
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Using Social Media in Your Small Business Marketing Strategy

Social media continues to play a major role in the way we conduct our personal and business lives. Your peers and favorite organizations use social media to promote ideas and share with the global community. Additionally, successful brands use social media...
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How to Invest in Small Business Technology When Replacements or Upgrades Aren't in the Budget

In a recent blog, we talked about how to budget for IT upgrades in your small business, but what if you can find the funds for those large investments?  Computers wear down over time. They get filled up with old documents,...
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Use Visuals in Content Delivery to Expand Your Audience

Almost everyone has a preferred method of learning new information, even if they don't completely realize nor understand their own effective learning style. Some people are visual learners and create connections with photos, videos, and media. Others need to read and...
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Using Business Cards as a Promotional Tool

When it comes to the business world, having a strong business card is the key to starting new relationships. From networking with possible clients, connecting with business professionals in your industry, contacting leads, recruiting new hires, using the right business card...
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Does Your Online Presence Include Photos of Real People?

No matter what business you're in, online marketing success depends on good graphics. Visual displays decide everything from consumers' faith in your website's legitimacy to the likelihood of a product's reliability. One of the most important graphical elements to include on...
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How and Why to Start an IT Budget for Your Small Business

We posted recently about the importance of embracing and upgrading IT in your small business, but how do you find the cash to actually implement those needed upgrades?  Small businesses have tight profit margins. If you're entering periods of new growth,...
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