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Check out our comprehensive blog where we cover the important Web Design, SEO, and Marketing topics which impact small businesses like yours.  

3 Small Business Productivity Apps for Your Smartphone

Microsoft Remote Desktop

For a small business owner, time is literally money. Solutions that can increase speed, eliminate duplication, or allow you and your employees to maximize time are invaluable. Below, we discuss three free or low cost productivity apps for Android and Apple iOS devices that will drive productivity. By no means are these apps a one-size-fits-all. Each small business is uniquely different in both functionality and budget. We do encourage you to try out these apps and monitor how they impact your efficiency.

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IB Staff Retreat and Small Business Exhibition – Fall Update

Staff Retreat at the Corn Maze

Staff Fall Retreat

So far, the Igniting Business team has had a great start to the fall season! In mid-October, a few members of the IB staff we're able to meet in Lee's Summit on a Saturday for a day of team bonding.

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Ben Seidel Appointed to Lee’s Summit Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors

Lee's Summit Chamber of Commerce

Our President of Igniting Business, Ben Seidel has recently been appointed to the Board of Directors of the Lee's Summit Chamber of Commerce. Ben will begin his three year term in January 2016. Ben is excited to be contributing to the Chamber's Board new ideas focusing on engaging and assisting small businesses in their journey for growth. Additionally the Chamber will benefit from Ben's background in technology and marketing as they continue to explore new avenues to engage existing Chamber members. We have confidence that this appointment will benefit all involved.

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Are You Using Office Suites and Document Sharing to Increase Efficiency in the Workplace?



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The New MacBook and the Wave of "Ultrabooks"


As technology advances, devices get smaller and more capable than ever before. The idea of the "ultrabook" first appeared in 2008 with the MacBook Air, and it sparked a wave of new devices, aiming to be extremely portable and convenient for on-the-go users. Now, there are many options from many companies to fit the niche of lightweight productivity. Apple made headlines recently when they introduced the new MacBook, making it slim, light, and fast, a tremendous upgrade from the previous MacBook, discontinued in 2010.

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Deciding on a Device: Tablet vs. Laptop vs. Desktop


When looking to purchase a new device, common questions include "What kind? What will work best for our employees? What's the difference?" These are all valid questions, and very important when deciding on a computer, especially in the business setting.

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Evaluating Social Media - What's Best for your Small Business?

social media planning

This article was originally seen in the Lee's Summit Chamber of Commerce's business magazine called Catalyst.  You can see the original article in their magazine at

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Igniting Business is One Step Closer to Receiving a $100,000 Grant

Igniting Business Logo

July 6, 2015

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Windows 10 Release Details and How to Reserve a Free Upgrade


Release Date and Strategy

Windows 10 will officially release on July 29 and will be available for free upgrade of all Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users. This free option is available for one year, followed by Windows 10 Home costing $119 and Windows 10 Pro costing $199 as the two most popular Windows suites. In the taskbar at the bottom right of Windows user desktops is a Windows logo that can be clicked in order to start the process to reserve your copy of Windows 10. Once providing your email, Microsoft will email you a confirmation.

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Join us in welcoming Andrew Dominick, Web & IT Specialist, to our team!

andrew dominick

Announcing a new team member – Andrew Dominick.

The Igniting Business team is excited to announce that we are continuing to grow and add new members to our team – this one in the Kansas City Office where Andrew Dominick will be joining Ben Seidel and Linda Consiglio as a Web and IT Specialist.

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