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Igniting Business Blog

Check out our comprehensive blog where we cover the important Web Design, SEO, and Marketing topics which impact small businesses like yours.  

Is Your Website Informational, or Functional?

Functional Websites

In today's market, most small businesses recognize that having a website is imperative for the credibility as a company and a way to share information regarding services and products. However, a distinct difference exists between having a website that simply contains information on your company, versus a website that performs specified business functions. It is important to recognize that having a functional website can be extremely beneficial for your business – whether it be time or cost savings, efficiency, or lead generation.

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Is Your Computer Running Slow? A Few Simple Tips May Help


As a computer technician, I often get asked the question "Why is my computer running so slow?" I chuckle to myself sometimes, because "slow" is usually a relative term. For example, "Can you take a look at my laptop? [Insert co-worker's name] is not having any issues with her computer, and we have the same computer." Regardless of what slow means to you, here are some simple tips that will help keep your computer running smoothly:

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Welcome Katie to IB!


We are excited to announce a few staff transitions within our offices. Please join us in welcoming Katie Wells to the IB team. Katie joins our team on August 18th as Administrative Coordinator. She will oversee a significant portion of the day-to-day activities in the office. Katie currently attends Mizzou where she is pursuing a Bachelors of Business Administration with an emphasis in management. She is looking forward to meeting our clients, assisting with problems, and keeping the company organized!

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6 Types of Blog Topics for Small Businesses


Recently we wrote a blog on why your small business should have a blog. One of the challenges many small businesses have is finding inspiration for what to write about. We've compiled a list of 6 different types of blogs that we have found to be successful:

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IB Opens Second Office Location in Kansas City Area

We would like to take this opportunity to officially announce that Igniting Business is opening an office in the Kansas City area. As we've grown in the Columbia area, we've experienced more demand for our services throughout the state and nation. We believe we will be better able to serve the needs of our clients by opening a support office in Lee's Summit, MO.

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Is Windows 8.1 Right For Your Small Business?


Recently, Igniting Business asked a local small business employee what she thinks of Windows 8.1. Her name is Paula Burger, and she is an accountant for Oakstone Construction, a residential construction company. When we got her answers to our questions, Paula said "I was not entirely positive about upgrading, but I was honest." If you are still unsure of upgrading, read through Paula's experience of the new operating system.

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Building Small Businesses with the Show Me Innovation Center


At Igniting Business, we love helping our clients grow, as well as giving back to the community. One of our newest clients, Show Me Innovation Center, has recently launched a fundraising campaign to start its mission. Read more information about the Show Me Innovation Center and its efforts from one of the campaign coordinators, Dr. Sean Siebert.

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Why Your Small Business Should Have a Blog


When we sit down with our small business clients for a web design or marketing meeting, we often ask if they have considered adding a blog to their website. Many clients claim they would not be good at blogging or that it is not necessary in their industry.

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Windows 8.1 Introduction


As someone who installs and upgrades computers for small businesses, I have heard many questions regarding the new Windows operating system. The user interface is different from what Windows 7 or Vista users expect, so it can be unnerving and inconvenient for some people to learn. Tablet and smartphone users have some sort of experience with the app or card style interface, but those who are not as knowledgeable in this area may have trouble adapting. For that reason, I have put together a short and simple look at Windows 8.1. Microsoft has a lot of nice resources too, and I will be linking to them throughout this blog.
To start off, if you have Windows 8, it is for your benefit to upgrade to Windows 8.1. After this modification, you will have less trouble maneuvering through the new operating system. If you would like help updating to Windows 8.1, please follow these instructions. Oh, and it's free! So update!

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Updated Ticket System for Support


Last June we launched our new IB Support System. Throughout the past year, we have worked with clients during the transition to submit support requests through this ticket system. We've seen improved response time and better tracking of support requests. However, as IB and our clients have utilized the system, we found some tweaks that might work better on both ends. We are excited to announce that we have addressed these changes and are releasing an updated ticket system! The new support system will launch Monday, June 16th!

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