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How to Create Bookmarks in Commonly-Used Browsers

Chrome Menu Icon

How many times have you typed in your business' website into a browser? How often are you typing out "" or ""? Well if you want to bypass the step of typing those URLs every time, you can save those pages as bookmarks. Every browser is different, but the following sections have simple steps for three commonly used browsers.

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#BOOM Event - February 21, 2014

boom logo

Please join us for Missouri's flagship event for innovation and entrepreneurship. The #BOOM Conference is held on Friday, February 21st from 9:30am to 4:00pm at the Holiday Inn Expo Center in Columbia, MO.

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Microsoft to End Windows XP Support

Windows XP Support Ending Date

Are you currently running Windows XP as your PC operating system? Microsoft has announced it will no longer be releasing updates or support for XP as of April 8, 2014. We know for some of our clients this may be an issue, and you may be unsure what this might even mean for you. We've outlined a few key details and suggestions for you during this transition.

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Word Tips: Using Images in Word

Drag And Drop

How often do you use images in Microsoft Word? Images can be very helpful – from writing notes for a presentation to explaining a concept to a client. If you have never tried inserting a picture into Word, take a look at the different methods outlined in the following sections. You may be surprised how well a few images can spice up your documents.

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A Secure Tool to Keep Track of Your Passwords – KeePass

KeePass - Password Management Tool

Each day we are creating more and more passwords – whether it be for online shopping, social media, email, banking...the list goes on. Security requirements for these passwords are becoming more specific; many require combinations of lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers, and symbols. As a result, many people use the same password for each site, but this can be extremely unsafe.

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2014 Integrated Marketing Strategies

Online Marketing Rubik's Cube

It's that time of year again – New Year's resolutions. In the business world, we often call this goal-setting, but it all means one thing: committing to new ways to improve ourselves or our business.

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Giving Thanks for a Year of Blessings

In 2013, Igniting Business implemented significant internal processes, as well as additional services to better serve our clients. We are proud to announce the company successes throughout the year. We're excited to see the growth potential of these new initiatives!

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Facebook Adds Star Ratings to Business Pages

Facebook page ratings

As you may have noticed, Facebook rolled out their star rating system onto business pages last month. In reality, the star rating system has been in place on Facebook's mobile app for places for quite some time. However, November is when they officially rolled it out for business pages on the standard browser version of Facebook.

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Web Design FAQ - What is a META Tag?

What are META Tags

In short, an HTML Meta Tag is a form of data tag that is placed between the open and closing head tags in an HTML web page. This information, though not visible on your web page itself, communicates to browsers and search engines certain details about your web page.

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Are META Tags Still Used for Search Engine Optimization?

META tags and seo

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is constantly changing. It was only a matter of a few years ago that investing time on having the best META tags and optimizing your META keywords would have a great impact with regards to on page SEO.

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