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Igniting Business Blog

Check out our comprehensive blog where we cover the important Web Design, SEO, and Marketing topics which impact small businesses like yours.  

Shopping for Technology: How to Navigate Through all the Noise


Shopping for tech this year? With so many products being advertised, searching the best product can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. Although finding the best option isn't easy, here are a few reminders on how to find the best products for your business:

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End of the Year Technology Upgrades



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Why Consistent Company Branding is Vital

Consistent Branding

Consumers have moved to an online world. This is where they shop, search for information, engage with their friends, and interact with businesses. There are countless places that a brand can have a presence online, and it’s important that the customer has a seamless experience whether they are searching on your website or leaving a comment on Facebook. Here are three branding pieces to keep consistent throughout the web.

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IB to Present Seminar at Small Business Exhibition

Igniting Business will be presenting a marketing seminar at the Columbia Chamber of Commerce's annual Small Business Exhibition held on Wednesday, October 22, 2014 from 12-4 p.m.  Grab a passport and tour dynamic booth displays from Chamber businesses with 15 or fewer employees and attend informative seminars relevant to businesses of all sizes. Admission is free!

Seminar Details:
Topic:5 Affordable Small Business Marketing Tools
Presenter: Ben Seidel, President of Igniting Business
Time: 1:15 pm (seating will be limited, try to arrive early!)
Location:Parkade Center, East Entrance, Suite 214 E - 601 Business Loop 70 W, Columbia, MO 65203
Description: Ben will be presenting on 5 low-cost (some are even free!) tools that you should be using to market your small business and communicate with current customers.

Seminar Schedule:
12:30 pm- The Art of Negotiation and Closing a Deal
1:15 pm- 5 Affordable Small Business Marketing Tools
2:00 pm- Small Business Resources

Please encourage others to come see us and other local businesses.  We look forward to seeing you there!

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File Sharing: Seeking Simple Solutions


The ability to share files without emailing back and forth has been a fantastic tool for small businesses. Sharing any sort of document is so easy these days that we don't realize how much time this saves us. DropBox is probably the most popular free file sharing service, but there are a few other options that you could use along with DropBox.

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Is Your Website Informational, or Functional?

Functional Websites

In today's market, most small businesses recognize that having a website is imperative for the credibility as a company and a way to share information regarding services and products. However, a distinct difference exists between having a website that simply contains information on your company, versus a website that performs specified business functions. It is important to recognize that having a functional website can be extremely beneficial for your business – whether it be time or cost savings, efficiency, or lead generation.

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Does Your Business Need Google Plus?


Having an active presence on Google Plus can be very beneficial to businesses of all sizes, but sometimes this platform can be overlooked.  Let’s take a look at some of the benefits this platform provides and how your business could be affected.

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What is Remarketing?


Remarketing can sometimes seem like a scary concept to small businesses, but done effectively, it can yield some big results. Remarketing campaigns allow a business to send online ads to users who visited their website, or users who took a specific action on the website. Targeting users in this way can be done through a variety of different platforms, but this post will focus on concepts for the Google Display Network (GDN) and Facebook.

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Is Your Computer Running Slow? A Few Simple Tips May Help


As a computer technician, I often get asked the question "Why is my computer running so slow?" I chuckle to myself sometimes, because "slow" is usually a relative term. For example, "Can you take a look at my laptop? [Insert co-worker's name] is not having any issues with her computer, and we have the same computer." Regardless of what slow means to you, here are some simple tips that will help keep your computer running smoothly:

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Welcome Katie to IB!


We are excited to announce a few staff transitions within our offices. Please join us in welcoming Katie Wells to the IB team. Katie joins our team on August 18th as Administrative Coordinator. She will oversee a significant portion of the day-to-day activities in the office. Katie currently attends Mizzou where she is pursuing a Bachelors of Business Administration with an emphasis in management. She is looking forward to meeting our clients, assisting with problems, and keeping the company organized!

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