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Check out our comprehensive blog where we cover the important Web Design, SEO, and Marketing topics which impact small businesses like yours.  

Featured Client: Seidel Research and Development Company

sradco logo

Introducing Seidel Research and Development Company

Founded in 1991, Seidel Research and Development Company started out in the engineering software production industry. However, SRADCO has grown over time to provide energy and environmental consulting and engineering services to its clientele, both nationally and internationally. SRADCO's services include energy conservation, environmental pollution prevention, waste-to-energy systems, renewable energy engineering, energy audits and more. SRADCO is dedicated to the research, development, and implementation of new and innovative technologies for every application in the fields of environmental and energy engineering.

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The Advantages of Using Dual Monitors

Dual Monitors Benefits

In the small business environment, companies are looking for ways to improve efficiency when it comes to computer usage. But before you spend money on a faster processor or a larger hard drive, I would challenge you to consider upgrading to a dual monitor setup.

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Featured Client: AKUA Marine Products

Bass Boat Fender

Introducing AKUA Marine Products

In 1994, Alan Kinkead bought a new boat and couldn't find a fender that worked just the way he wanted it. With the purpose of improving the boat fender market, Alan ended up designing a completely new product that protected his boat with no inconvenience to him. AKUA boat fenders are not your generic, typical, or conventional fender. Designed to fit specific boats, the fenders are molded from polyethelene and use suction cups for gripping. Unlike conventional fenders, AKUA fenders stay in place and do not require the use of a rope or cleat. Until 2002, AKUA manufactured the products for most major bass boat companies. In 2002, AKUA leased the patent to a company who began manufacturing the product. However, in 2010 after retiring, Alan began manufacturing the products again and expanding their product line. AKUA now features five different products to suit your bass boat fender needs.

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Ben Seidel to Serve on National Self-Employed Council

Ben Seidel of Igniting Business has been chosen to serve on the Member Council for the National Association for the Self-Employed (NASE). He was the recipient of the NASE's Future Entrepreneurship Scholarship in 2011. With his background in marketing, technology and website design, Seidel offers many services to clients in the realm of website development solutions, marketing material design and production, as well as technology services.

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Google's Knowledge Graph - the New Way to Discover


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Facebook Buys Instagram for $1 Billion

Facebook buys Instagram

On April 10th, Facebook announced that it acquired the newly emerging Instagram. If you don't know what Instagram actually is, you're not alone. Instagram is a social media platform completely focused on sharing individual photos. You can snap a picture, apply a stylistic filter in Instagram, and instantly share it with friends and family. Also, you can easily share your photos to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr as well. Best of all, you can do all this directly on your iPhone or Android phone using the Instagram app.

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David Steward Will Speak at the University of Missouri on March 8th

David Steward World Wide Technology

David Steward, Founder and Chairman of Worldwide Technology, will be speaking at the University of Missouri's campus on Thursday, March 8th at 4pm in Bush Auditorium located within Cornell Hall. The event is being hosted by a student organization called PROclaim, which stands for Professionals Claiming Biblical Principles.

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Google Updates Privacy Policy

Many of you have probably noticed a notification regarding Google's privacy policy change.  Google has been advertising and encouraging users to read their upcoming policy by displaying a notification on Google Search, as well as other Google apps.  

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Social Media Platforms Explained in One Sentence Each

Social Media Platforms Explained

There are so many social media platforms out there today, it is difficult to remember which one does what.  Come next month, a new one will probably be popping up.  For this blog post we take a look at eight of the most popular social media platforms and define them in one sentence using phrases from the associated companies' websites.  Following those definitions, you might find an image that explains what each is even more clearly.

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Blog Posts Coming Soon

We just launched our website and are working on new blog posts.  Let us know if you have any ideas for topics.  Check back soon!

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