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Cloud VoIP Phone Systems

Start leveraging the cloud to increase your phone system functionality while decreasing cost by up to 60%.  Interested?  We can help!

What Is a Cloud VoIP Phone System?

A Cloud Voice Over Internet Protocol, “VoIP”, system uses software hosted on the cloud to handle traditional PBX routing of your phones, voicemails, fax machines, auto receptionists, etc. Instead of having a lot of hardware and even a server on site, you simply have your phones plugged into the internet with a standard Ethernet cable. The cloud software takes care of the rest and ensures the calls are delivered promptly. The cloud setup reduces the costs of hardware dramatically while simultaneously being able to update and add features as they are developed. Also, a cloud based phone system allows you to securely change and configure your phone settings via an online portal from anywhere you have internet access.

Benefits of a Cloud VoIP System

Using Cloud VoIP System yields tremendous benefits over traditional software beyond just the cost-effective price. Having a cloud based system allows for nearly unlimited customizability. The following are a few of our favorite benefits for small businesses:

  • Auto-Receptionist and Company Directory – Establish a single or multi-tiered auto receptionist to streamline your communications process
  • Smartphone Integration - Call out and receive calls from your work number directly on your mobile device
  • Call Recording – Either automatic or on-demand
  • Internet Fax – Send and receive faxes directly with your computer; no fax machine needed!
  • Grows with Your Business – Quickly add and remove new users from an easy-to-use online interface. You can also register additional numbers and locations with ease.
  • Unlimited Conference Calling – Utilize traditional conference calling or even online video meetings
  • Business SMS and Chat – Includes business level instant messaging system for intercompany communications and the ability to send and receive SMS messages
  • Flexible Voicemail – Each user has a dedicated voicemail box that can be accessed anywhere including your mobile devices or even auto-email or text the voicemail
  • Advanced Call Management – Answering rules, call forwarding, extensions, and call parking through Cloud PBX Software
  • Enables BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) – Your employees can use their own cell phones as their business number if desired which provides freedom and flexibility for your increasingly mobile workforce
  • 24/7 Technical Support through RingCentral
  • Software Integrations – RingCentral integrates with top software including Office 365, Salesforce, Outlook, Zendesk, Skype for Business, Google, and more!

ringcentral partner

Why Does Igniting Business Recommend RingCentral?

 First and foremost, we are a customer and user of RingCentral. Our company has been using RingCentral since we began back in 2012. Over that time, RingCentral has enabled our company to grow without having to worry about our phone systems and telecommunications infrastructure. Even when we opened our second location, it was a breeze since we didn’t have clunky hardware limitations to slow us down. We have been referring clients to RingCentral ever since!

In 2016, RingCentral reached out to our company to say thank you for all the happy customers we sent their way and invited us to come on board as an official RingCentral Partner and Integrator. The relationship made perfect sense since their cloud system leverages technology that can save our small business clients both time and money. We believe RingCentral is the leader in the industry, namely they won PC Magazine Editor’s Choice Award and secured Forbes’ 100 Most Trustworthy Companies in America 2016.

Is a Cloud VoIP Phone System Right for Your Small Business?

If you are interested in getting a quote or finding out more about RingCentral’s Cloud VoIP Phone System, give us a call or fill out the form below. We provide free initial consultations and can work with you to see if RingCentral is the right fit. From the initial conversation we can provide a proposal for RingCentral’s services. By going through our company, we ensure you get the best rate and plan that works for your business and can provide exclusive access to discounts and promotions.

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