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Custom Built Computers

Are you looking for a more reliable and quality computer system? We encourage you to consider having your next computer system custom built.

Why Is a Custom Built Computer Better Than an Off-The-Shelf Computer?

custom built computer system

When you buy a computer from a retailer, you know what "brand" of computer you are getting, but that does not mean the individual components of that computer are from the same company or the same quality. For example, you could purchase a Hewlett Packard (HP) computer which contains a myriad of components for other companies. As a consumer you do not have control over which components, and therefore, quality, HP utilizes for their systems as a whole. Whereas, with custom builds, an individual has the power to choose both the brand and quality of the component. But why is this important?

High Quality Components

The first reason to custom build is so that you can get the highest quality components. In the computer world, no single company excels at creating all computer components. For example, Intel is known for top tier processors; however, it is apparent through performance reviews that their solid state drives are not nearly as impressive. Thus, custom building a computer allows one to select the specific type of component from the company that creates the most reliable product in that category.

In order to figure out which company excels at designing and manufacturing a particular product we regularly examine thousands of reviews, benchmarks, stress tests, and have firsthand experience with the components that we sell. 

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Pay for What You Want, Nothing More!

Another reason to buy components separately is because you can actually save money while choosing specifically what you want. For example, a company like Apple could charge you an extra $200 to increase your ram from 4GB to 8GB, when in reality this change is typically under $60. Now this does not mean choosing your brand will always guarantee a lower price, but it gives a choice of how to balance quality, performance and price.

When ordering a retail computer, a person can also avoid getting charged for something they did not necessarily want. For example, if the package that you are purchasing comes with a 750GB solid state drive, it may sound good. But what if you would be perfectly fine with a 500GB or even a 250GB hard drive? Unfortunately, you have to take on the additional cost of something you did not necessarily need. With custom computers, you pay for what you want, nothing more.

Easily Upgradable

When buying a branded computer (i.e. Dell), they often limit what types of upgrades you can do in order to generate additional revenue for their specific brand. Thus, you are forced to only upgrade to items approved that will work with their current setup and parts, which can be costly and ineffective in the long run. Owning a custom computer makes it much easier to match components and upgrade your system later down the road. Do you want a new video card? No problem, we will yet again utilize the best value for what you need and upgrade your current system.

Choose Igniting Business for Your Next Computer System

Now that you have seen the advantages of owning a custom built system, let us assist you in constructing the computer that is right for you. We will discuss performance needs as well as budget constraints and create the highest value and quality computer to suit your needs. If you would like more information about our custom built computers, please fill out our online form below. Once we have received your form, we will have a technology consultant send you an email or give you call.

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