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Tech Up-To-Date

Our Tech Up-To-Date program saves client time and money while preventing many of the technology headaches that occur when regular maintenance is overlooked.

What Is Tech Up-To-Date?

You drive your vehicle perhaps one hour per day, and you regularly provide oil changes, inspections, and various other maintenance items.  On the other hand, you use your computers 6-10 hours per day, but computers don't typically get regular attention and maintenance until after it breaks down. Just like your car needs an oil change and regular preventive maintenance, your computer systems also need similar attention in order to operate at peak performance and avoid potential long-term complications.  Tech Up-To-Date is our worry-free, hassle-free monthly service package for computer and technology accessories maintenance. We offer this program exclusively to small businesses with 25 or fewer employees.

Why Do We Need It?

Often small businesses and employees overlook the general maintenance of their computers and hardware. This preventive maintenance plan allows clients to forget the hassle of missing maintenance updates and focus on tasks you enjoy and excel at doing! It also allows for professional and responsive troubleshooting when there is a problem on your computer.

How Does It Work?

Igniting Business will come to your location once a month and perform maintenance check-ups on your technology. We'll bill you on a monthly basis for your Tech Up-To-Date package along with any additional support requests.

tech up-to-date programWhat Does Tech Up-To-Date Include?

  • Predefined amount of hours dedicated to on-site technology updates based on your technology infrastructure and number of devices.
    • Computer updates: malware and virus protection, browser updates, Microsoft updates, Java updates and more
    • Printer checks: ink and toner level, best functionality
    • External devices checks: monitor, UPS, NAS and server maintenance, and other peripherals
  • Troubleshooting for any issues while on-site
  • Next Business Day Priority Service for IT Support services
  • Convenient scheduling for your needs
  • Ordering as needed of printer ink and toner (ink and toner charged separately)
  • Answers to your technology questions

How Much Does Tech Up-To-Date Cost?

Tech Up-To-Date plans start at only $75/month, with any additional time needed billed at 10% discount off of standard rates. We'll create a tailored package just for you and your company's needs. Please use the form below to request a technology audit to see if Tech Up-To-Date is right for you.

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