Did you know every minute there are 300 hours of video uploaded to YouTube? Because of all the “clutter,” videos advertising products and services often have an uphill battle to cut through the noise.  With a few additional steps, you can match your videos to the audience you’re targeting.

Video Marketing Part 5 How to Use YouTube as a Marketing Tool for Your Business

Think of YouTube like a second Google

YouTube is a search engine.  In fact, it’s the second largest search engine – second only to Google itself. Viewers search the site for solutions, information, and entertainment.  Similar to Google, YouTube searches through an index of all of the information it has on each video to generate a list of the best videos to answer users' queries ranked in the order it think will be most relevant to the search.

Provide Context to YouTube

As a small business owner using video marketing, it's your job to make sure YouTube knows your video has the answers. While you may think a single picture is worth a thousand words, YouTube thinks it’s worth 0 words without any context.  Unfortunately, technology isn't fully at the point of being able to fully analyze audio and graphics for relevance, so you have to give YouTube textual information.

Adding short and long-tail keywords in your title and description. The more information YouTube has about your video, the better.

Adding transcriptions. One of the best ways to help YouTube's bots is to have a transcription of the audio/voiceover content.

Adding Tags.  YouTube has a great tagging feature that allows you to add a limited number of tags that describe the videos content.  Use this wisely to highlight keywords and topics covered in your video.

It's not enough to have great marketing videos. You have to be able to put those videos right in front of your target market, and that means pushing your way in front of all the other videos. Over the past several weeks, we have featured an entire series regarding effective video marketing strategiesIf you haven’t already read those blogs, we encourage you to check them out in the links below.  If you still have more questions or want help implementing video marketing, contact us today!

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