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Increase Your Marketing Audience with a Vehicle Sign

overhead shot of vehicles in street

Marketing is about getting attention, but if audiences expect a banner ad or a commercial clip, they may easily ignore it if there are other things to watch. That means providing interesting content when there's little competition is a good way to advertise; an easy way to do that is with a vehicle decal.

How can you best use vehicle decals and signs to promote your business?Choose the car(s) wisely. If you do delivery, adding a catchy decal with your business branding and logo on your company vehicle can be some of the best advertising you can do. It spreads name and brand recognition in neighborhoods and locations that have already shown interest in your business, and it acts as mobile, non-static advertisement. If you want to advertise with your personal car, make sure it matches the style of your business before you invest in a cling or magnet.Make the sign bright and attractive without being too much of a distraction. Your vehicle can be a diverting ad during rush hour and can get your message across with just a quick glance. However, if your vehicle signage is too pushy or distracting, it loses appeal. Make good use of the limited space by strategically using striking colors and logical pictures, while balancing informative text.Use a generalized message.  Seasonal advertising can be an effective part of your marketing campaigns, but incorporating vehicle signs and decals are more long-term strategies. Market your primary service or product, and make sure your contact information is clear. Save seasonal ads for in-store and online graphics. For the best visibility, add a sign to the driver's side of the vehicle and more concise decals on the back.

Vehicular magnetic signs and decals are becoming increasingly popular and easier to create, and the space they advertise in isn't yet oversaturated. Consider the specifics of adding vehicle advertising before your competitors do, and contact us for more small business marketing strategies.

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Video Marketing Part 5: How to Use YouTube as a Marketing Tool for Your Business

Video Marketing Part 5 How to Use YouTube as a Marketing Tool for Your Business

Did you know every minute there are 300 hours of video uploaded to YouTube? Because of all the “clutter,” videos advertising products and services often have an uphill battle to cut through the noise.  With a few additional steps, you can match your videos to the audience you’re targeting.

Think of YouTube like a second Google

YouTube is a search engine.  In fact, it’s the second largest search engine – second only to Google itself. Viewers search the site for solutions, information, and entertainment.  Similar to Google, YouTube searches through an index of all of the information it has on each video to generate a list of the best videos to answer users' queries ranked in the order it think will be most relevant to the search.

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4 Critical Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

4 Critical Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Content marketing offers tremendous opportunities for getting your message in front of potential customers.  However, when done poorly or inadequately, content marketing can result in nothing more than wasted time. Here are four common mistakes that can torpedo a small business' marketing efforts.

1) Lacking a Clear and Documented Content Marketing Strategy

Creating content without a coherent, documented strategy in place is a common error. The best marketing strategists begin with a specific goal - gaining more internet sales, selling more of a targeted category of product, capturing certain info from visitors to the website (i.e. email address), making clients aware of a new service, etc.  The first step is defining the strategy and goal result.  You should then focus content marketing activities towards achieving that goal.  Ultimately that strategy will serve as the relevance test of whether which content is worth generating and distributing.  If you’re not sure where to start with your strategy, consider our content marketing services.

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Video Marketing Part 4: How to Get Facebook Video Views

Video Marketing Part 4 How to Get Facebook Video Views

In the third part of our video marketing series, we mentioned the idea of educational videos. Edutainment has always been a big hit in the visual media world. People love watching how to make or do something, even if they have no intentions of making or doing it themselves, and even if they don't really recall the video later. This video marketing trend is growing more and more apparent on platforms like Facebook, where people scrolling through their feed will pause to watch a thirty-second recipe video if the finished product looks good. So, what are others doing that you can do just as well?

Start with a “money” shot and a text overlay.

People want to know what they're watching and the end product immediately. If you start a video with a two-second clip of a quesadilla or an assembled bookcase with a title of “How to [X],” people are hooked. If you can hook a viewer with the introductory clip, they are likely to watch the rest of the video.

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Video Marketing Part 3: Capturing and Retaining Your Video Audience on Social Media

Video Marketing Part 3 Capturing and Retaining Your Video Audience on Social Media

As we discussed in Part 2 of this series, hooking your audience’s attention is vital to the success of your video marketing efforts. However, to grab that attention, your small business must create the right videos tailored for the right platforms.

Here are a few tips to make sure you capture and retain your audience on social media.

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Video Marketing Part 2: How to Hook Your Audience through Videos

Video Marketing 2 How to Hook Your Audience

In Part 1 of our series, we discussed the benefit of incorporating videos into your marketing strategy.  People enjoy consuming video media online. It's easier than reading, more engaging than audio-only content, and is a great way to mix entertainment and education. Finding the right balance between entertainment and promotion is critical when it comes to using video marketing to bring in new customers and to strengthen your customer base. Your videos shouldn’t be aggressively promotional because that's not the content most people desire and watch.

What kind of videos are best for video marketing?

Many potential customers online are not specifically looking to add your products or services into their lives. Instead, whether they're typing a query into Google, browsing web pages, or looking at YouTube videos, those customers are likely looking for a solution to their problem. Your goal as a small business should be to answer their questions and solve their problems first, before trying to sell your product or service.

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Video Marketing Part 1: Humanize Your Small Business through Video

video marketing 1 humanizing you small business

Small businesses can be at a disadvantage when it comes to video marketing. You don't necessarily have the immediate brand recognition of a behemoth brand like Walmart, and you clearly don't have the marketing budget of a quality car-brand like Cadillac. But small businesses have their own unique strengths when it comes to reaching out to potential customers. Here's how to leverage those strengths with powerful video content:

Tell your creation story

People like getting a glance into a company's culture, and one of the best ways to do this is through a well-told story about how your business started. Small business startup stories typically include all the elements of being the underdog and taking inspirational risk that people love to hear about.  If you combine that with how your products or services uniquely help individuals like your viewers and proof that you respect both your customers and your small band of employees, you already have the makings of a great video. Plus, audiences typically engage better with video much more than text, so filming a short video about how your business got started is a great way to present that information.

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Google's Keyword Planner: Everything You Need to Know

googles keyword planner checklist

When writing website copy or content for your business, keywords are a huge factor for SEO. The right keywords rank you higher on Google's search results, so achieving this requires the right tools and resources. One such tool is Google's Keyword Planner, which has features such as searching for new keywords, seeing how they work with current marketing trends, and multiplying keyword lists together to generate fresh keywords. Here are some tips on how to properly use Google’s Keyword Planner.

You do need a Google AdWords account to use the Keyword Planner. Once your AdWords account is created, click on Tools and then Keyword Planner to get started.

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Facebook Advertising "Objectives": What They Mean for Your Business

facebook advertising objectives

As a small business, social media platforms such as Facebook are a great way to stay in front of your target audience. Along with gaining an audience through your posts, your business can also place ads through Facebook. The social media platform has paid advertising available for various objectives, including awareness, conversion, and consideration with many options available within them to put together a great ad.

So, which categories and options work best for your small business? Here are the Facebook advertising "objectives" explained.

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New LinkedIn Company Pages: 3 Tweaks You Need to Know

LinkedIn Company Page

Social media is evolving rapidly, which means that there are frequent changes to mainstay platforms such as LinkedIn. As LinkedIn continues to grow and gain more users, there have been significant changes to the platform itself. Most recently, LinkedIn has rolled out a fresh and new look to personal, and more importantly company pages. Not only does the platform have a new look, but they’ve added advanced features to more effectively utilize the professional social network.

Here are some of the key changes that businesses should know about.

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