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Client Examples

Explore highlighted client projects via our client examples which span a range of services and industries.

We strive for the highest quality in every service we offer which is motivated by our deeply rooted mission and values at Igniting Business.  Our goal is to setup our clients for long-term success even if that means challenging the status quo and fighting back against subpar industry norms.  Our client examples are representative of this goal, and we hope they show a small glimpse into our robust capabilities. 

Browse Our Client Project Examples

Keep in mind, the following is only a very small sample of the client work we perform for our clients.  Once upon a time, we tried to keep a portfolio of every single client project, but we became so busy fulfilling client projects that we couldn't even keep it up-to-date!  Instead, we have now elected to showcase a diverse set of clients in different industries and with varying style preferences.  

If there is a particular industry or type of project with which you would like to hear more about our experience, feel free to contact us to learn more.

Click on any of the client examples below to see more information on the work that was completed. You may also use the filter below to sort the client examples by project type. 

Quick Facts About Our Client Work

13 +
years in business serving our small business clients
states where we have clients
99 %
uptime for Web Hosting services (technically it's 99.999%, but who's counting?).
100 %
of our client reviews on Google Reviews are 5-stars

Hear From Our Customers

We understand that it is certainly easy for any company to tout their own experience.  That's why we think it is even MORE important for you to hear directly from our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Our Client Examples

I'm in a very unique industry, can you work with my business?

The answer is likely yes.  We work with hundreds of companies and focus predominantly on a company size - small businesses.

While we do have a handful of industries that we are unable to serve, we work with a wide plethora of industries ranging from professional services and new, innovative products, to doggie daycare, building automation, construction companies, and everything in between.

Do you only work with established small businesses? What about big businesses or startups?

We work exclusively with small businesses located within the USA.  Since our services and processes are tailored specifically for small businesses, we do not work with larger corporations or public institutions.

We can certainly work with startups and pre-revenue companies; however, our pricing can be prohibitive to working with Igniting Business.  That said, we still have a passion for startups and seek to help in any way we can.  We encourage you to still reach out to us, and we can often point you in the right direction.  Alternatively, if you are looking for a bootstrap/DIY approach, we encourage you to check out our extensive list of Recommended Tools ranging from online marketing and SEO platforms to website design and business operations software.  

I like your work, but I'm looking for a slightly different style/approach. Can you help?

As a reminder, our work is a reflection of our clients' preferences and goals.  While we certainly encourage and communicate best practices to our clients from our extensive experience, we have a tremendous range of flexibility to meet your unique needs.

Why can't I see stats and numbers regarding traffic and rankings for your client examples?

Unfortunately providing ranking details, marketing campaign results, and/or traffic analysis are all proprietary data and owned by our client.  Our alternative would be to provide 100% annoymized client examples, but those would not be able to contain company names, images, links, etc.  Instead of annonymized data, we chose to provide examples with actual company names, links to check out our work, and verbatim client feedback.

If you want to hear more about the impact our work has had on our clients, feel free to browse our client reviews, or setup a meeting to see how we may be able to help our company.

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