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Performance Web Hosting for Small Business Websites

We provide reilable and affordable web hosting services that allow for premier management of your website, domain name, and server structure.

In order to make your website publicly visible on the internet, you must utilize a “web host.” A web host leases space to you on their server and makes your website available to the public via the domain name you purchased (i.e.

When your website goes down for whatever reason, it can often be difficult to determine if it is related to your web hosting package, or an issue with your website design. This often leads to finger pointing between the companies you host with, where you registered your domain, and who designed your website. We recognize this can cause a major headache for small business owners and waste precious time. Igniting Business tries to eliminate this conflict and the associated confusion, by offering premium Web Hosting and Domain Registration services specifically for clients whose sites we design. Thus, you will have one company to turn to with any questions regarding your domain, hosting, or website design.

Our servers do not utilize traditional shared hosting environments where web hosts pack as many websites (sometimes hundreds or thousands) on the server as possible. We offer a superior load balanced and performance approach to hosting our clients’ websites.

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Key Benefits of Our Web Hosting

100 %
Fully Managed Hosting
99996 %
Server Uptime

Our servers are powered by the revolutionary LiteSpeed Web Server technology.

Our web servers are monitored and load balanced for performance and reliablity.

Web Hosting Availability

Note that our web hosting packages are only available to Igniting Business Web Design clients. We only host sites that we are intimately familiar with and can vouch for their quality of design and craftsmanship. We also require a monthly web security package for any hosted site.

Note that if you are simply looking for a standalone web hosting service without engaging Igniting Business in web design services, we would recommend considering KnownHost or Liquid Web. Both companies are excellent web hosting platforms with a wide range of packages available.

At no additional cost to you, we may receive a commission if you click on some of the links on this website and make a purchase.

Ready to Switch to Reliable and Powerful Web Hosting?

If you’re ready to discuss your small business’ web hosting and website design needs, reach out to our team today! As a reminder, we exclusively host websites that our web design team has carefully and lovingly built for our web design clients.

Not Ready for Redesign But Need a Web Host Recommendation?

There are so many different web hosting companies out there; we certainly understand the challenge of picking the right web hosting service. From years of experience with nearly all the major web hosting companies, we highly recommend you check out both KnownHost and LiquidWeb.