Reputation Management Services

Build your online credibility and boost your SEO through automated review collection services.

Gathering reviews and customer feedback can be tough and extremely time-consuming. Reviews are absolutely critical for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and in the day of and Google, EVERYONE looks for reviews before trying your product or service.

But how do you get customers to actually write reviews? Perhaps you’ve tried asking them, and maybe they even claim they’ll do it…but then life happens and, sure enough, their good intentions turns into a forgotten promise.

There’s a better way!

Introducing Reputation Management by Igniting Business. Our easy-to-use system allows you to simply enter a customer’s name and email address, and our system does the rest!

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Benefits of Reputation Management Services

  • Automates the Review Collection Process

  • Sends Friendly Reminders to the Customer to Leave a Review

  • Discovers Negative Feedback Before It Becomes a Major Issue and Allows for Personal Response from Management Team

  • Promotes the Display of Highly-rated Reviews on Google My Business

  • Creates Valuable Reviews for Your Website and Marketing Materials

  • Boosts Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Rankings

How Much Does It Cost?

Our Reputation Management services are all priced per location. The cost depends on one of the three packages selected below and which add-ons you would like included. Contact our team today for your free quote!

Package Details Self-Managed Partially Managed Fully Managed
Collect Reviews on Google My Business yes yes yes
Review Collection Sites Only Google Included Google + 2 Other Sites Included Google + 5 Other Sites Included
Email Customers for Reviews on Automated Schedule yes yes yes
Automated Email Reminders to Customer yes yes yes
Email Alerts for Low Customer Satisfaction yes yes yes
Review and NPS Score Reporting yes yes yes
Customer Review Response noYou monitor and respond to public reviews received yesWe monitor and respond to public reviews received yesWe monitor and respond to public reviews received
Google Q&A Monitoring no no yesWe respond to questions received
Options for Adding Customers Online Portal Online Portal or Excel File Online Portal or Excel File
Amount of Email Requests 1,000 total/30 per day 1,000 total/30 per day 3,000 total/100 per day
Ongoing Support from Igniting Business no(Charged hourly) yes yes
Reputation Management Strategist no yes yes

Standard Add-Ons

  • Reviews page on website

  • Additional 3rd party review sites

  • Review popup on website

  • Social sharing

  • SMS requests

  • Multiple Location Management

How Do I Sign Up?

If you are interested in signing up or simply learning more, simply contact us to get started.

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