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SEO Services for Small Businesses

Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services are geared towards helping your small business rank well for targeted keywords in search engines like Google, and, more importantly, drive customers to your business.

Improving Your Website Rankings

Your small business may have the most beautiful, robust website, but what good is it if no one can find it? Search Engine Optimization, also referred to as SEO, is the practice of optimizing your web presence, both on your website and off your website, to increase the likelihood of a search engine (i.e., Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, etc.) returning your website as a result for a person’s search query. In a nutshell, SEO seeks to improve your website’s rankings on search engine result pages (SERPs). These efforts are with the goal that your website will see increased visibility, traffic, and customer leads. At Igniting Business, we believe a beautiful website is not enough in today’s evolving digital landscape. With the continually growing number of websites and information on the internet, if your small business seeks to drive online traffic, you must evaluate, implement, monitor, and tweak SEO strategies on a regular basis. We cater our SEO services specifically towards the needs, budget, and capabilities of our small business clients.

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Our Small Business Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

Click on any of our SEO services below to learn more about each service.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Struggling to understand what Search Engine Optimization even is? Want to learn more about our views and opinions on SEO? We believe every small business should have at least a high-level understanding of SEO, its importance, and its value to your marketing efforts. We break down some key concepts, so even if you choose not to work with us, you might better understand this growing technique known as SEO.

    Learn More About SEO

  • Blogging Services

    When is the last time you posted a blog on your website? How long did it take you plan, draft, edit, create visual images and graphics, and, finally, post the blog? Most owners and employees at a small business struggle to find time to strategize and create consistent, quality content for their web presence. However, that content can provide value to your customers, as well as help search engines understand your expertise and improve your SEO rankings. At Igniting Business, we take the stress out of regular blogging through our monthly blogging packages.

    Explore Our Blogging Services

  • Copywriting Services

    Blogging is a great tool, but are you simply struggling to generate quality content for even your standard service and product web pages? Do not fear! Whether you are looking to redesign your website entirely and start with brand new content or looking to refresh your current website with quality content, our SEO experts can assist in drafting quality content for your small business website that both speaks to your potential customer and enables search engines to better understand your company.

    Improve Your Website Content

  • Reputation Management

    When is the last time you read a review for a company or product? No matter the industry, whether you sell products or services, your potential customers are likely looking at reviews about your small business. Numerous studies show this to be the case and people are relying more on reviews as they evaluate purchasing decisions. Online reviews help a consumer gain confidence and trust in your business and your product or service. Additionally, they can also improve your website’s SEO rankings! Igniting Business offers reputation management packages that can take the stress and time out of requesting and responding to reviews!

    Build Your Reputation

  • Ongoing SEO Services

    Wondering how your small business can work on SEO and improve your rankings and traffic to your website? At Igniting Business, we believe SEO should start with a strong strategy with continual implementation, improvement, and monitoring. Since the search engines are continually evolving, SEO is not a one-and-done tactic. We offer monthly SEO services with a pre-defined number of hours, so you can ensure our team is working on your SEO strategy and driving more customers to your business each and every month.

    See Our Ongoing SEO Services

Integrating Our Mission and Our Values into Our SEO Services

Our mission of helping small businesses succeed by building strong relationships and trust with our clients through quality in everything we do and our values below impact each SEO service we offer at Igniting Business. We believe integrating our mission and our values into our services allows our team to provide our small business clients cutting edge SEO services and strategies.

Building Relationships

We know the strategies and principles of SEO can be overwhelming, confusing, and ever-changing! We recognize that is a terrible trio for many small businesses. At Igniting Business, we seek to partner with our clients through every step of the SEO process. Our team will both educate your small business on key areas, and also directly implement SEO strategies so you don’t need to worry yourself. We believe building a strong working relationship with your small business is vital to the success of all our SEO services.

Leading with Integrity

Maybe you have heard of “black hat” SEO strategies and tactics. “Black hat” SEO includes manipulative and spammy tactics that may result in short-term gains, but ultimately disobey acceptable practices of search engines and often result in long-term harm to a website. At Igniting Business, we don’t employ strategies that disobey search engine guidelines. While we always strive to improve your search rankings, we will never risk the long-term success of your small business by taking shortcuts or shortsighted tactics.

Practicing a Lifestyle of Learning

Did you know Google (and other search engines) alter their algorithms hundreds of times a year? Talk about a constantly moving target. At Igniting Business, this excites us because we love change and believe it yields improvement (yes, we know we are weird)! Through daily reading, research, experiments, and testing, our SEO experts are always evolving our understanding of how search engines work. Through our continued learning, our team provides your company advanced SEO strategies and tactics that will help your small business be ranked above your competitors.

Ready to Boost Your SEO and Reach New Customers?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most affordable ways to grow and scale your small business. If you're ready to boost your visibility and increase customer leads, contact our SEO experts today.

Don't Have the Budget to Hire an SEO Company?

We know that hiring a professional SEO (Search Engine Optimization) company can sometimes be outside of your budget. As such, if you're a do-it-yourselfer, check out our fantastic recommended SEO tools!