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SEO Copywriting Services

Writing content is extremely time consuming, yet critical for search engines to rank your website highly. Let us take the stress out of writing quality and engaging content.

Whether you like it or not, your content often serves as the primary online “first impression” for your company. This content is most commonly seen on your website or in various marketing materials. As the first impression for your company, the content you create and distribute through your website should aid your objective of reaching potential customers through clearly defined and actionable content. When you hear “content is king,” just remember it’s because quality content is the forefront of all digital marketing strategies.

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is officially the act of writing copy – or content – not too exciting or complex of a definition! Igniting Business realizes that writing unique, insightful, and compelling content that also ranks well in search engines can be challenging. Quite frankly, we’ve found website content is the number one staller in getting a new website launched, or additional pages and marketing materials created. This is true whether your company already has a website with existing content, or you’re starting from scratch.

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Isn’t Having Content Going to be Enough for Search Engines?

You would think that if you spend all this time personally writing “great” content, search engines, like Google, would reward you! Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Google has additional requirements and metrics of what it defines as “quality” content. Search engine requirements for quality content include factors like the following:

  • Keyword Usage

  • Internal/External Linking

  • Content Length and Depth

  • Originality (No, you can’t duplicate content from another website!)

  • Content Complexity and Reading Level

  • Supplementary Rich Content (think images, graphics, audio, videos, etc.)

  • Heading Structure

  • Text Formatting and Syntax

  • Spelling and Grammar Accuracies

  • The List Goes On…and On…

If you want your website to show up well in search engines for your targeted keywords and phrases, you cannot ignore these requirements.

How We Can Help with Your Content Writing

We understand that the content generation process can be quite overwhelming and very time-consuming. That’s why we are here to help generate content that is both engaging for users and is loved by search engines! We’ve designed our copywriting services to alleviate the stress and exorbitant time it takes to generate quality content for your website and marketing materials.

Tailored Copywriting Options

We have numerous copywriting packages available with varying levels of involvement from your end. Our options range from simply fluffing up/perfecting your existing content that you’ve started to writing brand new content from scratch. If you need content for your website or marketing materials – leave it to our excellent team of marketing experts who have backgrounds in consumer behavior, marketing, SEO, and journalism!

Ready to Revamp Your Content with SEO Copywriting?

If you’re interested in learning more about our SEO copywriting services, simply contact us. We will reach out to learn more about your needs and determine what package of copywriting is right for your business.

We look forward to making your content more engaging for customers and absolutely adored by search engines!

Don't Have the Budget to Hire a Professional SEO Copywriter?

We understand that hiring a professional SEO copywriter to tell your story and explain your products/services can be quite an investment.

If you're not looking for professional help, but simply need a few pointers, we encourage you to check out our recommended tools and blog posts concerning SEO and content writing.