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About Igniting Business

We appreciate that you are interested in learning more about our company. We hope the following page provides insight into the reason for our company's existince and our guiding principles.

Why "Igniting Business?"

One might ask why is your company called "Igniting Business?" We feel that small businesses, especially when first beginning, often have trouble getting that initial push or next step that unlocks significant growth. That step may exist in the form of rebranding the company, finding and implementing technology that helps clear a logistical hurdle, or even setting up an e-commerce website to sell their product. Whatever the case may be, Igniting Business would like to serve as the spark that ignites your business into the next phase of growth.

How We Began

The founder of Igniting Business, Ben Seidel, is a web developer and technology fanatic who began creating websites for corporate clients while still in his teenage years. As Ben developed websites for small businesses, he found that these companies needed affordable and professional IT services and marketing consulting that they could trust. Most of these small businesses were overlooked by IT and marketing firms due to their small size and limited budgets. To meet the growing needs of Ben’s clients and by applying both his experience in technology and education in marketing and economics, Ben envisioned Igniting Business. In January of 2012, Igniting Business LLC was officially recognized by the state of Missouri as a company offering web design, IT services and marketing specifically geared towards helping small businesses grow.

igniting business lees summit officeGrowing Igniting Business

By applying hard work and reliable customer service, we created great success in the mid-Missouri market. We also saw demand for our services grow outside of Columbia as we picked up clients in smaller towns like Boonville, Ashland, and Jefferson City, as well as larger areas of Kansas City and St. Louis. In 2014, we saw an opportunity to both grow our business and better serve our clients in the Kansas City area. In August of 2014, we opened up our office in Lee's Summit, MO. Currently, we have both our Columbia and Lee's Summit office fully staffed and look forward to helping many more small businesses. We are also continuing to serve clients all over the nation stretching from Juneau, Alaska, to Washington DC.

Our Values

As still a young and emerging company, we strive to uphold our values and provide quality services to our clients. At the core of Igniting Business are three values that drive every decision our company makes.

Leading with Integrity – We strive to be the leader in our industry when it comes to knowing and practicing the best and most ethical marketing, technology and web techniques. We will not compromise our integrity for "getting ahead," nor will we sacrifice quality for simply increasing our bottom line. Ultimately, you can rest assured that, working with Igniting Business, you will enjoy the latest services, technology and developments in the industry.

Practicing a Lifestyle of Learning We believe that learning does not stop with a college degree, nor does a college degree determine the value of a person's skills. At Igniting Business, our staff utilizes University classes as well as paid professional training courses and seminars to keep our skills up-to-date. Team members also have the ability to cross train in areas other than one's specialty in order to broaden horizons and allow our staff to fully pursue their interests.

Building Relationships We put people first. Our clients, their customers, our staff, and the community in which we reside are the focus of our efforts. Without healthy relationships, ethical and successful business transactions cannot occur. Thus, in everything that we do, people come first.

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