Ben Seidel is the CEO and Founder of Igniting Business. Ben has been serving hundreds of small businesses with web design and SEO services for over 15 years and covering digital marketing related topics since 2012.

Over the years, Ben has been recognized on a local and national level, including entrepreneurship awards from both the NFIB and NASE and being featured in publications such as CNBC Universal, Yahoo News, Intuit Small Business,, Mizzou Magazine, and Fox Business.

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4 Benefits of Building a Resources Page on Your Website

Building a resources page on your website can be an important content marketing project that enhances user experience and builds trust in your brand. If you do not already have a resources page or section on your website, you could be...

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6 Must-Have Pages for Your E-Commerce Website

Creating a well-designed e-commerce website assists in engaging your intended customer base at all hours of the day to ensure the success of your organization. Regardless of which e-commerce platform you choose, having an effective online presence is critical to a...

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11 Important Elements of an Outstanding Blog Post

Crafting a compelling blog post is no small feat. Every cog in the metaphorical machine must fit together, and one loose bolt could ruin the entire contraption. Fortunately, there are some practically failproof ways to write a stellar blog article —...

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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Animated Explainer Videos

Animated explainer videos can be valuable tools for quickly sharing some of the most important information about your brand’s services and products with your target audience in a way that is interesting and engaging. Avoiding certain mistakes can make explainer videos...

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Long-Form Vs. Short-Form Content: Which Is Better and How Are They Different?

Investing in content marketing is crucial to building brand awareness, showcasing your authenticity, and educating your customers. While long-form content establishes your brand and provides valuable in-depth information to your target audience, short-form content keeps them satisfied when a quick answer...

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What Is Answer Engine Optimization (AEO)?

Answer engine optimization (AEO) is a subtype of SEO where a company obtains prominence in search engine results by answering a common consumer query in a manner that is likely to show the answer directly within a search engine result page...

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4 Reasons to Use Personas for Your Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketers and small business owners (with the role of a marketer!) have the responsibility of creating relevant, interesting, and informative marketing strategies tailored to their target audiences. Among the most effective tools necessary for content marketing to relate to audiences...

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5 Best Practices for Optimizing Local Landing Pages

For small businesses with physical locations, or for businesses whose service areas spread through multiple cities or towns, creating local landing pages is a great way to boost your local search engine optimization (SEO). Customers and search engines can learn more...

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3 Types of Clickjacking Attacks

What is a Clickjacking Attack? Have you ever been browsing a website and been startled by the page seemingly starting to interact with your computer without you doing anything? It may be a website element that's replaced by a different link...

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8 Types of Marketing Videos with Examples for Your Content Marketing Strategy

Videos have become among the top effective marketing tools. According to data by Statista, over 3 billion internet users watched either a streamed or a downloaded video in 2022. The number was projected to rise to 3.5 billion by 2023. Why...

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Why You Need a Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Tool: What you Need to Know

As businesses look for ways to remain competitive in a rapidly changing digital landscape, one underrated tool to have in your arsenal is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). By employing CRO tactics tailored specifically to your target audience and company goals, you...

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Google Optimize Alternatives for Conversion Rate Optimization and A/B Testing

Digital marketing is an ever-evolving industry. In order to remain competitive, it’s important for businesses to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and tools. One of the most important aspects of digital marketing is conversion rate optimization (CRO). CRO involves tracking...

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Leverage Remarketing and Retargeting to Get the Most Out of Your Marketing Strategy

What is Remarketing? Have you ever wondered why you're seeing advertisements for products you've looked at online, even after you've left the website? Or perhaps you received a timely email or postcard enticing you to replenish your favorite beverage with a...

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6 Reasons for Using Pointy to Add Your Store’s Products on Google

Pointy by Google is a revolutionary tool that helps businesses drive more foot traffic and customers to their physical stores. With Pointy, brick-and-mortar stores can now capture a much larger portion of the online search visibility and use it to their...

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Why YouTube Influencers Should Use Shopify to Sell Products

In today's digital age, the opportunities for entrepreneurs and content creators to make money online have grown exponentially. By partnering with the robust e-commerce platform, Shopify, YouTube has enabled creators to take their channels to the next level by making it...

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5 Best Practices for Using Apple Business Connect

In a recent blog post, we discussed Apple’s revamped Apple Business Connect platform and how it can benefit your small business. With millions of people using Apple products, having your small business listed on Apple Maps and related Apple products is...

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What Is Apple Business Connect and How Can It Benefit Your Small Business

Technology continues to evolve, and new tools emerge daily with the increased use of mobile devices and applications. Apple is one company that continues to develop tools to help its users access products and services they require from different businesses in...

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How a Quality About Us Page Can Help Boost Your SEO

An “About Us” page on your website can be an incredibly powerful tool for boosting search engine optimization (SEO). Your About Us page provides valuable information about the business that gives customers and visitors necessary insights into the company's mission, values,...

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Voice Search Optimization Tips – How to SEO Optimize for Voice Searches

With voice assistants becoming increasingly popular, voice search is now one of the fastest-growing types of searches. In response, website search engine optimization (SEO) techniques are evolving to incorporate voice search optimization. For help creating an effective voice SEO strategy for...

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6 Benefits of Display Ads and 3 Timesaving Display Ad Tools

Display ads (also known as display advertising) are a type of visual online advertising that can be shown on websites that are a part of ad networks. Display ads are typically designed to be visually appealing and to grab the attention...

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5 Google Business Profile (GBP) Optimizations to Boost Your Small Business Website's Rankings

Claiming and optimizing your Google Business Profile (GBP), formerly Google My Business (GMB), is an excellent, free way to increase your small business’ visibility on search engines. A fully optimized GBP allows prospects to quickly find, learn about, and engage with...

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