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Video Marketing Part 4: How to Get Facebook Video Views

In the third part of our video marketing series, we mentioned the idea of educational videos. Edutainment has always been a big hit in the visual media world. People love watching how to make or do something, even if they have no intentions of making or doing it themselves, and even if they don't really recall the video later. This video marketing trend is growing more and more apparent on platforms like Facebook, where people scrolling through their feed will pause to watch a thirty-second recipe video if the finished product looks good. So, what are others doing that you can do just as well?

Video Marketing Part 4 How to Get Facebook Video Views

Start with a “money” shot and a text overlay.

People want to know what they're watching and the end product immediately. If you start a video with a two-second clip of a quesadilla or an assembled bookcase with a title of “How to [X],” people are hooked. If you can hook a viewer with the introductory clip, they are likely to watch the rest of the video.

Make sure everything is clear.

You can't rely on audio instructions, because social media sites like Facebook and Twitter keep videos muted unless a viewer changes the settings. You also can't have wordy instructions. Strip instructions or call-to-actions to the bare minimum, and skip over the less important steps. Nobody is likely to make something solely by replaying your video again and again. Instead, your goal is to hook viewers and get them to click to your website for more information.

Make sure viewers can find you again.

Your goal should not be just to have a large number of views. Instead, the value is in how easy it is for your small business to convert viewers into valuable leads. Every video should include the following items:

  1. Be clickable
  2. Consider including your logo in most shots
  3. Title includes a very clear search term

By having the above three items, your viewer is much more likely to recall your small business or have an avenue to reach out to you. Including your small business branding throughout the video continually reminds the viewer of your business, increasing recall of the business in the future. Including search terms helps ensure if anyone ever types the product or service into a search engine, your website is much more likely to be displayed.

Getting views is a very important part of successful video marketing. But it's not the end of the process: all those views matter only if they get your brand name recognized and bring customers to your small business. Contact us if you’re interested in learning more about how video marketing can be integrated in your social media marketing strategies. If you haven’t read through the rest of our series, check out the links below for each part. Upcoming in our final part of the series, we’ll consider some effective strategies for YouTube.

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