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Commercial Photography

Visual content is vastly becoming one of the most important aspects of promoting your website and products, especially for ecommerce sites!

When it comes to e-commerce (the buying and selling of goods and services through the internet), clear and professional visuals can make or break a purchase. The more appealing and clear your products and brand look, the more you will sell. If you’re thinking “but I don’t have an e-commerce site,” it is still just as important for your website images to be professional and relevant to your brand message!

The Most Valuable Piece: Quality > Quantity

It’s pretty simple: the more appealing your products and photos look, the more likely you are to receive a click or sale. Aside from the quality: consistency is another key component. There is a lot to consider when crafting the perfect set of photos, and we can help ensure your products, services, and/or headshots are professional and accurately represent your business. Read a little about each service below:

Product and Commercial Photography

Product & Commercial Photography

What sets your business apart from your competitors is your great products, and the quality and consistency of your product photos should match that excellence! Your photos should capture the essence and value of your products, and we’re here to help. Igniting Business understands the importance of creative photos, and we have the resources and experience to help your e-commerce site stand out.

While product photography is part of commercial photography, commercial photography is used to promote your business as a whole. Whether that be images used throughout your website, on your marketing materials (brochures, flyers, business cards, etc.), these photos should accurately promote your services/products and corporation.

Environmental Photography

Environmental Photography

For those small businesses looking to incorporate their surroundings in their photos, this is a great option! Environmental photography is stated as “incorporating the subjects living, work place, or environment and illuminating their life and surroundings in the photography.” Igniting Business can help depict your business’ passion and atmosphere with high quality, creative photographs.

Professional Headshots


A sizeable part of marketing your small business is through networking and having a strong online presence, and professional staff headshots will be sure to leave a lasting impression.

Staff photos can:

  • Showcase the personality of your company
  • Be used throughout social media, your website, marketing materials and more
  • Help customers identify with your business in a new way
  • Create personable experiences and loyalty among clients

Read about the importance of product photography in this blog post written by one of our marketing specialists.

Photo Editing Services

Our job isn’t done yet! Whether Igniting Business has taken your photos, or you simply need your own business photos edited, we’re here to ensure that happens. We can retouch, enhance, and provide enticing finishes to your photographs. We can also brand your photos with a watermark logo so your business is being promoted at all times.

  • Commercial Photography
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