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3 Small Business Productivity Apps for Your Smartphone

For a small business owner, time is literally money. Solutions that can increase speed, eliminate duplication, or allow you and your employees to maximize time are invaluable. Below, we discuss three free or low cost productivity apps for Android and Apple iOS devices that will drive productivity. By no means are these apps a one-size-fits-all. Each small business is uniquely different in both functionality and budget. We do encourage you to try out these apps and monitor how they impact your efficiency.


Producteev is an app that will let users assign specific tasks to people within your company. This allows people to assign tasks while working remotely or while visiting clients, and can also cut down on meeting time. Assigning subtasks, setting priorities and deadlines can also be done through the app. The company offers a premium service, Producteev Pro, which is oriented around the specific needs of a growing business. One of its nicest features is the ability to turn e-mails and calendar notations into an actionable list of tasks, if the material is utilizing Microsoft Outlook. Check out a full list of Producteev's pricing and features. We've included a video overview for your reference below: 


In addition to assigning tasks, members of an organization need to be kept on task once a project is in process. Asana is a productivity app that allows everyone to access all the company's projects and goals—in one place. It also has features that enables team leaders to assign deadlines, set specific tasks for individual people, and facilitate project conversations. Asana was developed by a Co-Founder (Dustin Moskovitz) and Ex-Engineer (Justin Rosenstein) of Facebook and has truly evolved over the past several years in development. We like this app because its free version is usually adequate for a micro business or non-profit organization looking to get a handle on task management. Watch the video below for more details and view a list of Asana's features.

Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft Remote Desktop

Sometimes, productivity can be maximized if you could just access your PC files—Excel, PowerPoint, or Word—from anywhere. Sure, a laptop synced with your PC can sync files, but mobile phones usually have limited capacity and ability to run programs. Microsoft Remote Desktop (view Android Version or Apple iOS Version) allows you to do that with a smart phone or tablet. You can view files and use the Windows applications through the remote desktop app.

Want to learn more about using technology to drive productivity throughout your small business? We can help. Contact us to learn more.


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