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Consistent IT Updates - Crucial for Your Small Business

It is becoming increasingly rare to find a business, even a small business, that does not rely quite heavily on some form of technology to play an essential role in their everyday business operations.  Yet, when it comes to the safety and security of their interactions with technology, small businesses are often in a unique situation.  Rarely do small business owners have the technological expertise to ensure the integrity of their own hardware and software.  More commonly, though, small businesses rarely have the resources to devote a substantial portion of their operational costs to employing a full or even part-time IT professional.

computer networking technician inspecting wires and cables

Why Hire an IT Service? 

Dealing with IT safety and security issues is the business of a professional IT service.  IT service providers employ expert individuals whose focus is on researching the latest security threats, both internal and external, and discovering the most effective ways in which to combat these threats.  An IT service also knows how to thoroughly analyze a small company's hardware and software, in order to arrive at a comprehensive security package that will ensure the protection of the company's data and IT investment.

Complete Protection

A well-rounded security package will include more than simply looking out for the latest form of malware.  There are security threats, both internal and external, and indirect processes that must be addressed in order to ensure the best possible level of safety for small businesses.  We recommend your IT provider evaluate and consider the following security services for your small business:

  • tracking hardware devices to reduce theft,
  • ensuring the consistent installation of software and hardware patches and updates,
  • using a high quality commercial anti-virus and anti-malware protection,
  • ensuring complete and consistent data backups that allow for multiple versions of files,
  • implementing a disaster recovery plan,
  • training employees on proper password protection and internet usage,
  • employing techniques to discourage the theft of physical and intellectual property by employees,
  • and implementing robust physical network and wireless security protocols.

Is your small business lacking any of the above items in your monthly IT maintenance steps?  If so, contact us to learn more about our customized Tech Up-To-Date packages to assist your small business with ongoing technology security and maintenance.

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