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Don't Forget the Visuals!

According to HubSpot, 40% of people who are online today respond better to images than they do to written content. This is a large amount of people whom you're losing business from if you don't include visuals in your online marketing.

An important marketing tip for small businesses today: Leverage the power of visual content online.

Don't Forget Visuals

How do you do this? We have four easy, actionable tips for you to remember. These include:

  1. Utilize images instead of paragraphs of text when educating your readers. Whether you utilize pictures, infographics, videos, slide shows, or animations for this, you'll want to make sure the visuals effectively get your point across.
  2. Don't just copy or share another brand's visual content. It’s important to create your own unique content that stands out from the rest. For instance, Scribd says that 80% of Pinterest's pins are simply repins. Make sure you're actively in the other 20% as well by creating your own original content. Then have your Pinterest fans promote it for you.
  3. Pictures create emotion, which is what connects people with one another. As a small business, you need to use the emotion to your advantage by showcasing your business' story with visual content. We are visual beings, and it’s important to remember that how your business utilizes graphics significantly impacts how your business is perceived.
  4. Don’t be afraid to use visuals with text! The combination of images with text can be extremely powerful. Make sure you include captions, descriptions (with keywords and hashtags), and a call to action.

When your small business is ready to put these steps to work, contact us. Igniting Business can help you visualize the benefits of incorporating compelling graphics into your marketing strategy today!