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Giving Thanks for a Year of Blessings

In 2013, Igniting Business implemented significant internal processes, as well as additional services to better serve our clients. We are proud to announce the company successes throughout the year. We're excited to see the growth potential of these new initiatives!

New Office Location

In May, Igniting Business opened its first office. We are located at 1007 N College Ave, Suite 5 in Columbia, MO. By opening an office, we are now able to offer reliable business hours and more employee interactions with clients. Office hours are Monday through Friday from 9am to 4pm.

Tech Up-To-Date

We strive at Igniting Business to be a full-service technology, marketing, and online resource for our clients. As such, in July we created a new monthly technology package, known as Tech Up-To-Date, which allows IB to perform routine and emergency maintenance on hardware and software for our clients. Through this package, clients receive peace-of-mind that their technology is running smoothly and properly.  Contact us for more information about this monthly service.

IB Support System

At IB we recognize our clients need fast service and an easy way to monitor updates. In June, we launched an online support system that allows clients to submit help requests for all services and products. In addition, IB can communicate with clients directly through the ticket, allowing all information to be accessed by the client in one location.

IB Newsletter

To better inform our clients of trends and changes in technology and marketing, IB maintains a blog with relevant posts. However, many of our clients forget to check back frequently. In May, IB introduced a monthly newsletter system, delivering new content directly to subscribers' inboxes. We've seen an increase in subscribers and open rates as the newsletter gains popularity.  Signup for our monthly newsletter here.