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How to Use Google's Keyword Planner to Plan Your Website Content

You can drive traffic to your site with good content. No matter what business you're in, every article, brief post, and description on your website gives search engines more information about your business and gives potential customers a reason to keep exploring your site. While originally intended for Google AdWords planning, Google's Keyword Planner can be a great tool for planning content on your small business website as well.

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How can you use Google's keyword planner to make successful content?

You can vary your keywords without losing your focus.

On your own, it can be very challenging to determine how others might think of your product, service, or company. Part of the challenge is due to your expertise: once you know a lot about a topic, it's hard to fully understand a novice's or a general customer's perspective on it. Another part of the challenge is due to variations in language; if you're trying to reach a larger market, people are likely to use different phrases and different terms. Because Google’s Keyword Planner aggregates search information, it can tell you how most people perform search queries about your product, and you can use that to help those searchers find your content.

Tap into related markets to grow your audience.

You can use related queries to find what related services and markets are the most proximal to your current business, whether you want to widen your focus or just your customer base.  For instance, if you sell landscaping tools for front lawns, some of those tools also work for making vegetable gardens. Consider targeting some keywords around vegetable gardens.  Another example: Sharing your expertise on clothes dryers can lead someone to your washing machine repair services. By using Google’s Keyword Planner, you can help identify related topics that might grow your customer base.

Create more varied content.

Google still measures a site's value by the content’s quality and relevance to a searcher. As such, your small business should be focused on increasing the overall quality and variety of your content.  It’s important your content not be full of the same keywords. Use the keyword planner to vary your marketing vocabulary and to find new ideas for your next articles.

There are dozens of ways to incorporate Google's Keyword Planner into your small business’s online marketing strategy. If you want some advice from SEO and marketing experts, reach out to us today to schedule a free initial consultation!

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