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Twitter Hashtags: When and How to Use Them

Social media can make or break the public's opinion of a company. A lot of small businesses struggle to find the perfect balance in an online presence. Hashtags are a growing trend online, and if used correctly, they can be a valuable marketing tool. On Twitter, tweets with hashtags get twice the engagement than those without. At Igniting Business, we believe these three tips will help you implement hashtags into your social media strategy effectively.

Twitter Hashtags Guide

  1. Find a hashtag that's trending. As of 2016, Twitter has over 310 million users according to their company website. This is the perfect place to find an audience for your company. There are thousands of slogans, movements, and campaigns that get media attention because their hashtags started trending. One of the best things you can do is have your company use trending hashtags that relate to your business or would put your business in a positive light. This sparks interest in Twitter users as they see your company building an online presence. To find out what's trending at the moment here is a website that reports on that.
  2. Don't use too many hashtags. Twitter users notice when people over-hashtag their posts. Too many hashtags can make a tweet seem bulky, spammy and unappealing. If there are unrelated hashtags, it appears to be attention-seeking and can annoy twitter users. It's best to use one to three hashtags each tweet. This will allow a steady growth in your online presence.
  3. Build your brand by having your own hashtag. Once you have created a decent sized online presence, it's time to start your own hashtag. This can be something as simple as #YourCompanysName. Encourage your followers to use this hashtag when they talk about your business online. Take photos inside your business and use your company hashtag with them. If it would fit into the appearance you what your business to have, consider even taking selfies while using that hashtag. Experiment with hashtags until your find something that works best.

These are just a few tips on using hashtags. Our company specializes in Web Design Solutions, IT Services, and Marketing Consulting. If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please feel free to contact us.

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