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Updated Ticket System for Support

Last June we launched our new IB Support System. Throughout the past year, we have worked with clients during the transition to submit support requests through this ticket system. We've seen improved response time and better tracking of support requests. However, as IB and our clients have utilized the system, we found some tweaks that might work better on both ends. We are excited to announce that we have addressed these changes and are releasing an updated ticket system! The new support system will launch Monday, June 16th!

The benefits of this system include instant communication with IB and the ability to track ticket statuses remain the same. But, in addition, you should notice these new features!

  • Frequently Asked Questions to solve common inquiriesnewticket
  • Client data is auto-added to the ticket (company name, phone number, email address, etc.)
  • Tickets can be transferred to another staff member from the same company if necessary
  • A set of users (company) can share/view each other's tickets – upon request only
  • Printer friendly version of tickets for archival or reference purposes

If you had a login to our old system, you will find your login credentials have remained the same. However, any tickets before June 1, 2014, have remained in the old ticket system. You will be able to access these tickets if needed by clicking on the "Archived V1 Tickets" under the Support Requests dropdown menu on our IB Apps website.

For any tickets created after June 1, we have automatically imported those into the new system. To create tickets in this new system or to make changes to current tickets, simply go to our IB Apps site and click on "Support Requests" in the navigation - just the same as before!

Please let us know if you have any questions or issues accessing the new system. We are here to help during the update. We hope you find the updates beneficial to your company!