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3 Content Tips to Improve Search Rankings

When it comes to writing content for online audiences, ensuring your content is engaging is essential. According to Nielsen Norman Group, around 79% of readers spend time skimming rather than reading online content; only 16% read pages word-by-word. From these statistics, it is evident that many businesses produce content that’s never read. In order for your website to stand out from the crowd, appeal to your target audience, and rank well on Google, it’s important to ensure that you’re producing captivating content.

Check out these three tips on how to write content that will help your small business rank better in search engine results.

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1. Analyze Your SEO Strategy

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a broad marketing strategy that determines where your site ranks on search engine results pages. Your aim should be to have your blogs and other content appear on the first page, preferably the first spot, where readers can easily see them.

For your target audience to read your online content, your posts need to be visible to your readers. Increase your content’s visibility by revisiting your SEO strategy to confirm that it is still in line with the metrics that search engines are using to rank pages.

2. Create Relevant Content

Relevant content refers to posts that are meeting the current needs of your readers. What kind of content is your target audience seeking? By answering this question, you can write blogs or webpage content that address information that your readers are actively searching for.

Various tools on the internet can help you figure out what questions your target audience is asking. Use these tools to find out the questions your readers have concerning their needs, products, and other issues in the industry. By writing content that answers these questions, your site will earn more traffic and receive better engagement.

3. Use a Conversational Tone

Readers look for content that is personal. They want to feel that you are addressing them personally and individually. Occasionally using the second-person point of view to address the reader and choosing an active voice over a passive voice are just a couple ways to keep readers engaged in your content.

Improve Your Google Ranking with Quality Content

The digital space is saturated with blogs and other web pages, making it difficult to get your content ranking well on search engines. However, with these tips, you can create engaging content that will rank well, keep readers coming back for more, and boost the potential for your business.

For more information or for help with your content marketing or SEO strategy, contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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