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3 Steps to Help Your Small Business Develop an Impressive Marketing Strategy

In order for your small business to succeed in today’s competitive landscape, developing an impressive, unique marketing strategy is critical. With all the changes that 2020 brought for small businesses, as we enter 2021, now is an excellent time to redefine and reshape your marketing strategy. However, creating a marketing strategy can oftentimes seem like an intimidating task. Keep reading below to check out three core steps to help your small business create an outstanding, effective marketing strategy.

small business developing effective marketing strategy

1. Identify Your Target Customer

In order to develop a successful marketing strategy, it’s important to first identify your target customer. By determining what demographic(s) your small business will serve, you can then determine their needs, motivations, and factors that influence their buying behavior to create a tailored marketing strategy that will reach your audience and best suit your small business goals.

2. Determine the Problem

After identifying your target audience, focus on what your target customers need. What problem does your target customer have that your small business can solve? By determining what problem(s) your target audience may be facing, you can create a marketing strategy that better addresses those issues and positions your small business as the solution. A great way to determine the problems your target customers may be facing is to look at your competitors’ products, the problems they are solving, and problems that are still unresolved.

3. Offer the Solution

Once you have identified what your target audience needs and what problems they might be facing, you can then provide the solution. Throughout your online content, address the issues and explain how your products and/or services can provide a better solution than that of your competitors. This strategy is also known as a value proposition. Learn more about a value proposition for your small business.

At Igniting Business, we strive to help your small business succeed in creating an effective marketing strategy. For more marketing strategy tips or to schedule a free consultation, contact our marketing specialists today!

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