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3 Ways Your Small Business Can Thrive on Twitter

With the number of social media users continuously growing, it’s no surprise that social media platforms are quickly becoming a necessary marketing tool for small businesses. Companies effectively using social media continue to grow and expand their brand, while those that use it ineffectively or not at all are losing out on potential customers.

In a recent blog post, we discussed how using Twitter can help boost your online presence and put your business in front of potential customers. Twitter is an excellent resource and knowing how to properly use it to your advantage is key. Learn how to keep your small business thriving on Twitter with these helpful tips.

twitter app opening on smartphone to use for small business social media marketing

1. Consistently Engage in Conversation

Improve existing relationships and create new ones by interacting with both current and potential customers.

  • Connect with current clients with direct message. You can communicate with them about their projects, questions, or anything else relevant.
  • Use advanced search to find new clients by searching for topics related to your brand, products, or services.
  • React with the things your clients are tweeting about with comments, retweets, and hearts. You can also "quote retweet" their tweet, allowing you to share their existing tweet while also providing additional value.

2. Post Tweets Frequently

The more frequently you tweet and engage with clients through retweets and quote tweets, the more effectively you will stay top of mind.

However, as a small business owner, we know it can be difficult to find time to post throughout the day. HootSuite and Buffer are two different scheduling tools many businesses use to schedule their tweets. (Stay tuned: we’ll be taking a look at the advantages of each of these options in an upcoming post on November 6th.)

Using these scheduling tools, you can write out tweets for the entire day (or even days in advance) and schedule each one for a different time.

3. Advertise

Another great way to use Twitter to your advantage and improve your online presence is to post ads promoting your small business.

  • Promote your tweets with the highest engagements. This will ensure that the tweets people are already engaging with will find their way in front of more viewers.
  • Promote your small business’ account to gain followers.
  • Promote trends or hashtags relevant to your business.

With the right strategy, Twitter can be a powerful platform at your disposal. For more information on how to use Twitter and other social media platforms to your benefit, contact our marketing experts today!

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