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4 Ideas for Promotions During the Holiday Season

It’s the holiday season! With the holidays comes a major increase in online activity, making now an excellent time to boost your online marketing efforts. Even if your business isn’t offering anything seasonally specific, there are many brilliant ways to leverage your small business marketing during the holiday season. Check out these four ideas to help you maximize your online efforts and generate more leads through the end of the year.

company using email marketing to promote their small business during the holiday season

1. Charitable Contributions

'Tis the season of giving and in today's market, social responsibility can be a tremendous factor in influencing buyers’ purchasing decisions. If your company engages in local charities or supports organizations throughout the holidays, promote your efforts via social media, email marketing, and your small business blog. Share pictures of your staff volunteering or post an announcement about an upcoming fundraiser. Show your audience that your business is connected. You'll find you can gain support, grow your brand, and maybe even generate more leads.

2. Promote Seasonal Discounts

Depending on the product or service your company offers, holidays and change of seasons are great for providing a discount or special promotion. Even if the cost-savings are marginal, you can post across many outlets like social media, email marketing, and your blog to inspire potential customers to take advantage of the time-sensitive value offer.

3. Give Thanks

The holidays are a great time to offer sentiments of gratitude. You can use your digital platforms to thank your loyal customers for a great year. Consider highlighting your most loyal staff by acknowledging them online as well. The activity will keep your company and brand visible, and your message will portray your authentic appreciation.

4. Season’s Greetings & Giveaways

In addition to posting traditional well wishes posts and content, ask your following about their plans for the holidays. You can post content that asks them to respond with their favorite things this time of year. Use some of those responses as potential giveaways to help gain more likes and shares and increase your following on social media.

Make the most of your small business marketing efforts this winter and throughout the holiday season. For more online marketing strategy ideas, contact our marketing experts today!

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