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Evergreen Marketing Tips to Keep Your Small Business Winning

What Are Evergreen Marketing Tips?

Marketing is an integral part of any business. Every small business creates some form content that appeals to target customers and inspires the desire to purchase your product or service. For example, your website, social media, printed brochures, etc. all utilize some form of content. However, you may have found it necessary to keep updating your promotional content and style to remain relevant to your target customers.

For many small business owners, staying up-to-date on everchanging marketing strategies and tactics may be overwhelming. However, small businesses can apply key evergreen marketing tactics to remain relevant to their customers. Instead of constantly changing your strategies, materials, and tactics, an evergreen marketing strategy is a marketing plan that can more effectively stand the test of time and continue to influence customers for years to come.

evergreen marketing strategy for small business

What Evergreen Marketing Tips Can Your Small Business Implement?

1. Explore Partnerships Within Your Business Network

Look for ways to partner with other companies in your business network. These partnerships can be extremely beneficial for both companies involved. For example, you could co-host a webinar with a complementary business to expose both of your service offerings to new audiences. Note that you can even partner with competitors for sharing referrals that don’t quite fit your service offering and vice versa.

Partnerships can come in all shapes and sizes ranging from co-hosting events and guest blogging to referral programs and joint marketing campaigns!

2. Do Not Be on Every Social Media Platform

You do not have to be on every social media platform. Why? Your target customers are not necessarily using every social media platform. In addition, managing many accounts may be hectic, especially as a small business, which often leads to not addressing social media effectively. Instead, focus on social media platforms specific to your target market and aim to be consistent and successful on those platforms.

3. Repurpose Content

Rank your content according to its success in answering your customers’ questions, piquing interest, or attracting traffic to your website. Use this tactic to identify the best content. Repurpose the best performing content to cover a wider range in your target group. A good example of repurposed content is blogs converted to podcasts or distributing blog posts via a monthly or semi-monthly email newsletter.

Keep in mind that good “content” can be offline as well. For example, let’s say you have a potential customer ask a question to which you write up a wonderful, thorough email response. Note that other potential customers might have the exact same question. To leverage this offline content, you can then repurpose the original question and your answer in an upcoming blog or within a FAQ section on your website.

4. Know Your Target Audience

Always base your marketing strategy on your target audience or target market. A campaign uniquely tailored for a specific group remains fresh to members of the group when compared to general messages. We’ve seen way too many marketing efforts go awry not because the marketing tactic was bad, but instead, simply because the marketing campaign itself was not truly customized for the proper target market.

Importance of Evergreen Marketing

With evergreen marketing, your small business can continue to enjoy the benefits of a campaign created years ago, and as a result, you have more time to deal with other important aspects of running your business. Evergreen strategies can also save on marketing and advertisement costs for your business.

At Igniting Business, we understand the challenge of small business marketing. Our web, SEO, and marketing experts can help you reach your target customers and remain relevant for years to come. Contact us today to learn more about various marketing strategies we can help your small business implement.

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