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Facebook Page Insights – What You Need to Know

Facebook’s Page Insights tool can be very helpful to business page administrators, but often times, page owners are unaware of the valuable information this tool offers. Read on to discover the features and how they can benefit your social activity.

To start, the page insights tool can be found by going to the business page (assuming you are an administrator on the page), and clicking on the “Insights” tab at the top left of the cover photo.


This will bring you to a new page that holds very important data regarding your posts, people who like your page, and engagements on the page.

Find out how you are gaining Likes

Let’s first take a look at the “Likes” tab. This area allows you to see the number of Likes the page has gained over time, where the Likes are coming from, and how many Unlikes the page receives on any given day. This data can help you better track the performance of Facebook Page Like ads, and help you discover how that makes an impact on your page and organic Likes. Organic Likes occur when a user “Likes” your business page without being prompted with an ad.


Learn about your posts

Next, another very important section is the “Posts” tab. This allows a page owner to see what time of day fans are most active, which post types perform best, and also how much Reach and Engagement each post receives. This is an extremely helpful tool when deciding what type of content to post. A page owner may find that videos receive the most engagement, so that’s a good indication to start posting more videos. In addition, being able to know what time of day users are most likely to interact with the page helps the business to better schedule posting times for content.


Discover who likes your page

Lastly, the “People” tab provides extremely valuable data regarding people who Like the page. On this tab, page administrators can view the gender and age demographics of current fans. In addition, this tab provides geographical data, so businesses can view from what area their likes are coming. This is especially helpful for local businesses to see if they are truly reaching their target market within their community.


These are just a few of the benefits from using Facebook’s Page Insights tool. I encourage you to take a look at your own business’ page insights to see what posts gain the most engagement, where your page likes are coming from, and to learn a little bit more about the people who like your page. This can provide great direction for future posts and help your page to be more successful. 



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