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How to Use Podcasts to Reach Your Audience and Grow Your Small Business

As a small business, in order to stay ahead of the competition, it’s important to ensure you are utilizing marketing methods that work best for your business. If your small business is looking for a new marketing strategy, podcasts are a great solution. Versatile and powerful, podcasting is a great cost-effective marketing method with many advantages. Keep reading to discover how you can use podcasts to grow your small business.

small business recording podcast to reach audience

1. Build Trust

Podcasting is a great way to build trust between your small business and your audience. By sharing behind-the-scenes information of your business, speaking on topics that interest your listeners, and increasing conversations with your audience, you can establish a connection and build trust, leading to an increase in customer loyalty.

2. Project Yourself as an Authority in Your Industry

In order to build confidence in your potential customers and grow your small business, it is essential that your target audience sees you as an expert or authority in your field. Podcasting is an excellent way to share to your expertise, increase your credibility, and build trust with your audience, helping you to establish your small business as a leader in your industry.

3. Stay in Touch with Current Customers

When your small business grows, naturally your ability to stay in touch with all your clients the way you did in the early years becomes less realistic. Clients you onboarded early on may no longer have the ability to work with the founders or leaders of the company who originally sold them on your company. This is a natural development with any small business that desires to grow to a larger employee count.

Podcasting provides an excellent way to simultaneously reach a multitude of your clients and regularly expose them to your leadership teams’ insights, expertise, and personality. This serves as an excellent way to still give that personal feel that many of your clients may be missing.

4. Reach New Audiences

Podcasting is a great way to raise brand awareness and reach new audiences. Since podcasts are extremely versatile in both form and content, they can be hosted on different distribution networks, providing visibility for your small business across a multitude of new channels. With this increased online presence, your small business can reach completely new audiences.

5. Build Your Network

Podcasting gives you a great opportunity to reach out to others within your industry and build your network. By inviting guests to your podcast, you also inadvertently reach their current audience. Most podcast guests are quick to promote and share the podcast episode in which they were featured. Additionally, by hosting guests, you also increase your chances of being asked to guest on other podcasts, furthering your connections and leading to more opportunities and business for your small business.

At Igniting Business, our goal is to help your small business thrive. For more tips on how to use podcasts to reach your audience and grow your small business, or to learn more about our content marketing services, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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