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Marketing Tips for Small Businesses Part 1: Data Analysis For Better Marketing

Real data analysis of the market can be defined as the research, condensing, illustration, and interpretation of hard data gathered from numerous sources. The data that is gathered and analyzed offers businesses insight into what is currently driving the markets, thus allowing companies to better determine their next step.

Marketing Tips for Small Businesses: Data Analytics

What is Business Intelligence and Data Analysis?

Business intelligence is two-fold:

  • Obtaining data
  • Interpreting the data

There are various methods by which data is gathered and various tools used to gather said data. The data is then transferred from raw data into something business owners can understand and use for the growth of their business.

Business intelligence entails the gathering of the data itself and then the interpretation of said data so that plans can be made and executed. In other words, business intelligence, or business intel, is the overall purpose behind data analysis.

What is the Purpose of Data Analysis?

The purpose of data analysis is to see what trends are going on currently vs. what occurred in the past. This allows small business owners to have a basic idea for how trends will be forecasted in the future. This analysis allows better contingency planning for any pitfalls that may occur in time, as well as figuring out what works best.

Data analysis for the purpose of developing business intelligence is crucial to helping business owners understand their consumers better.

How Can I Gather Data?

There are many ways to gather or collect data for your analysis. In our blog on July 19th, we’ll discuss three common techniques for collecting data.

These three techniques will include:

  • Surveys
  • Personal Interviews
  • Focus Groups

These methods can yield great amounts of data and results that allow companies to make any changes needed to generate better products. Be sure to check back in on our July 19th blog to learn more! Have questions in the meantime? Contact us today!

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