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Using Business Cards as a Promotional Tool

When it comes to the business world, having a strong business card is the key to starting new relationships. From networking with possible clients, connecting with business professionals in your industry, contacting leads, recruiting new hires, using the right business card puts you and your business at an advantage. A specially designed business card can help promote your business uniquely, and set you apart from competitors. Here are some key reasons why having a distinguished business card is the right decision for everyone.

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Build a Strong Brand 

If your business card is a generic one, not only do you risk getting lost in the crowd, you also risk losing a valuable opportunity to forge a strong connection to your brand. Ensure your business card is aesthetically appealing and connects back to your organization.  This strategy will help you build an integrated look and feel for your brand. 

Set Yourself Apart 

Depending on their role, clients and potential employees likely receive numerous business cards any given week. You want to make sure that your business card stands out among all of these, and the business card must also fit your needs from a practical sense. There are many ways to personalize your business card with relevant info and resources:

  • Include information about your organization and always remember to include your website URL so clients know to come back to you. Once a person receives a business card, they are likely to take the card back to their office where they will eventually pull it out to do a credibility check.  This often includes browsing through your website, checking online reviews, viewing your social platforms.  Make sure you use the business card to direct them to ideal places online where they can learn about you.
  • Include your updated individual contact info.  The last thing someone wants is a business card that contains outdated information, or even contact info of a general email account.  Include your specific contact details, so that the potential lead can reach you directly with as few steps as possible. If you have outdated information, update your card!  With how cheap business card printing has become, there’s no excuse to have a card with outdated or incomplete information.
  • Include great graphics and an innovative design on your business card.  When pitching to a potential client, these elements could generate the first impression that could be the difference between a new purchase or a lost customer.
  • Experiment with different kinds of paper, new colors, and quality print finishes.

These tips can make your card remarkable, and by extension, will make you memorable. By implementing some of the above customizations, you'll be one step closer to creating strong relationships within your network. 

Consider Additional Elements

If you take advantage of a distinguished, personalized business card, you and your employees might even come up with new ways of using it. Including coupons, statements, appointment areas, conversation starters, or interesting facts about who you are on the back of your card might help you make a new connection with a client or potential employee that wouldn't have been possible if you used a generic card. All of this will help firmly position your brand as innovative and interesting to both clients and potential new recruits. 

Even in the online world of today, business cards still hold prominence in establishing your brand and relationship with business contacts.  Contact us to begin designing a custom business card today.

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