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Using Twitter to Gain Customers for your Small Business

As a small business, you may have trouble reaching and connecting with potential customers. How can you use Twitter to increase your online visibility to attract new customers? Twitter can be a valuable platform for many small businesses when properly implemented and utilized.  Below we pose 4 key questions to consider for your small business in making Twitter a more effective platform your needs.

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1. Does your Twitter add value to others?

A common complaint people have with following businesses on Twitter is that the business only posts about their company. Instead, consider keeping less than 50% of your posts about your company. The remaining 50% of posts need to add value to your potential customers. If you're a B2B (business-to-business) company, you should post articles that provide business tips. If you sell straight to consumers, you need to post helpful articles for them. Successful Twitter use requires you to know your target audience.

2. How often do you post?

For Twitter, you should post many times a day. Why? If you have a Twitter user that is following you and many others, posts can stay on the first page of their feed for about a minute or less. If people are searching for posts based on hashtags, the popularity of that particular hashtag will dictate how long your post will stay at the top of the list. By posting often, your small business has a better chance to be seen.

3. Are you using hashtags?

Here's where a high follower count can help you. Having hashtags are beneficial, but keep in mind Twitter puts more popular posts at the top of the hashtag results.  This means the posts that show up first are the ones people liked and retweeted the most. The best way to get to higher in the hashtag lists is to first have your followers like the post or retweet it. If the hashtag isn't that popular, it will only take a few likes to make it to the top list. The more popular the hashtag is the more likes or retweets you'll need to get to the top of that list.

4. Are you engaging your audience?

In order to get and keep your followers, you need to retweet their posts! Support other small businesses (that aren't your immediate competition) by retweeting their posts. Most companies will eventually return the favor, follow you, or end up remembering your name when they need to use services or products like yours. This concept is very similar for consumers. If the Twitter user might be a potential customer, retweet their tweets. If someone retweets you or replies to you, answer. Engagement by your small business encourages engagement by other Twitter users on your profile.

Why do all these tips?

Social media platforms, Twitter included, are great avenues for reaching potential customers.  Oftentimes, you may even reach customers unreachable through more traditional forms of marketing. As you grow your follow base, you will reach larger audiences and likely see an increase in your follower base without much effort. 

We know keeping active on all the social media platforms can be a bit overwhelmingly.  If you’re interested in the best strategy for your small business on each platform, contact our social media experts for more information.  At Igniting Business, we even offer social media management services to minimize the effort you have to expend towards social media.

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