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3 Online Advertising Techniques to Help You Generate More Leads

When marketing your products or services online, it's important to engage and connect with your audience. The key to managing your buyers' cycles and coordinated marketing efforts is first to understand your buyers' motivations. Check out a few online advertising techniques we’ve highlighted to help you leverage your small business and generate more leads.

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1. Solve A Problem

Design your messages and campaigns around demonstrating your ability to solve a customer's problem. If you're a plumber, you fix leaky pipes. If you're a retail business, you make gift purchases convenient and unique. Identify your core audience's pain point and create storytelling messages that address those pain points specifically.

Example: Imagine you're a tech company with a revolutionary new app that allows for streamlined sales report creation. Your message might be: Tired of creating weekly funnels? The ABC App will automate your activity for the week and generate a report for you!

2. Promote a Limited Time Offer

People are sometimes moved to make purchases if they feel they may miss out on an opportunity. This is often called the “fear of missing out”. Whether it's a time-sensitive discount, promotion you're offering, or an item in which you have limited supply, promote it! Creating a deadline on an opportunity can generate an immediate response from your audience.

Example: Imagine you're a hardware store and it's November in your Midwest location. Your message might be: The last shipment of snow shovels is in! Stop by today to pick up yours before they're gone!

3. Put Yourself in Your Customer’s Shoes

Use buyer personas to help you market to your audience. Create a fictitious character that looks and talks like your core customer. Identify where this persona works, what level of education he/she has, and where he/she likes to spend his/her free time. Use that persona as a benchmark for messaging and imaging in your marketing campaigns. Your audience will identify best with a message that resonates with them. They will identify characteristics about themselves and self-confirm your product or service is designed for them.

Example: Imagine you're a handyman service provider and your buyer persona is a busy, stay-at-home mom. Your message might be: Need a ceiling fan hung? No time to clean your windows? Is your honey-do chore list growing longer and longer? Call ABC Company today!

Understanding how your buyers make purchasing decisions can help you design the campaigns and digital messaging that works best for your business. To learn more about identifying your buyer personas, or creating campaigns to leverage these motivations, contact our marketing specialists today!

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