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3 Reasons Custom-Built Computers Outperform and Outlast Off-the-Shelf Brand Machines

Many small business customers prefer custom-built computers over name brands, but why?

Benefits of Custom Built Computers

Here are 3 reasons you should seriously consider having a custom-built computer:

1. Performance and Reliability

Not all computers are created equal. Dell, HP, Acer and Toshiba all use different methods and parts to build their PCs. They may all have the same version of Windows OS (the latest being 10); however, the internal parts can vary greatly in performance and reliability. For example: one computer could have a much slower hard drive even though the storage capacity is identical to a custom-build. For brand computers, the storage capacity is what they focus on via the advertisement, or if the drive is a hard disk drive (HDD) or solid state drive (SSD). But did you know that even solid state drives vary drastically in performance from one drive to another.

We ensure you know what is going into your machine by tailoring each part to your needs and your budget, whether it be simple office administration, accounting, or even a performance-oriented design or video production computer.

2. Build Quality

Brand name PCs all have specific companies they partner with that provide common internal parts (like RAM, the memory of a computer). The goal of partnering with a common internal part provider is to achieve economies of scale in order to reduce their costs. These companies may not have the best type of product out there, but they offer it at a price based on the sheer volume a big name brand will order. For example, if low quality motherboard is placed in an otherwise high quality PC, you are likely to have major issues later on. The performance and reliability of your computer often becomes a secondary priority.

With a custom build, we pick each part individually for performance and budget; this allows for a combination of the very best parts vs. simply what’s convenient for the brand from a numbers perspective.

3. Upgrades Made Easy

Custom-built PCs are built with upgrading in mind, unlike most name brand machines. Name brands use specific and sometimes proprietary cases and form-factors, which will often not support upgradable components. Custom-built PCs are much more modular and components in most cases can be easily swapped out for newer or better versions. For example, some brand name PCs will come with only one hard drive bay. However, if you choose to have a custom-built PC, you can opt for multiple drive bays. This allows you to add a new hard drive down the road to expand your storage. Custom machines allow you to prepare for future upgrades and even address unexpected needs with greater flexibility.

Igniting Business can provide you with all that you need for your business computer systems. Want to learn more or have any questions concerning the custom computer build process? Please contact us - we offer free custom-built computer quotes for our small business and non-profit clients.

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