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4 Tips for Better Engagement on Social Media

Small businesses have the ability to create very high quality content, but often times don’t fully understand how to promote that content and engage with users on social media. These four tips will help any business boost the engagement on their posts and increase conversations with their followers.


#1. Use Images

One of the biggest mistakes we often see with business social media pages is a lack of image usage. It has been proven time and time again that adding a photo to a post on Facebook or Twitter will increase the engagement with that post.  Whether you’re posting an article link or just text, be sure to include a relevant image. This often draws the user’s eye and entices them to click, comment, or like your post. Photos also make your social media page more appealing. A user is more likely to “Like” or “Follow” a page if it is visually stimulating.

b2ap3_thumbnail_Questions_20140530-164535_1.jpg#2. Ask Questions

Social media platforms are exactly that, social. Your followers want to see that you’re a human brand with a personality. Actively engage with your followers by asking questions. This could be anything from asking for their feedback on a product to having a simple trivia competition. Be sure to post questions that are relevant and interesting to your audience or industry. In addition, don’t forget about Tip #1 when posting questions!

#3. Respond to Comments

Your followers aren’t looking for a one-way conversation. If they post or comment on your social media page, ensure that you are responding in a timely and appropriate manner. Other followers will see that conversation and be more likely to communicate with you via social. Social media is not a “set it and forget it” platform. It needs the same attention you would give to a voicemail or email – don’t leave your users in the dark. After all, you never know where your next lead may come from.

#4. Post about Hot Topicsb2ap3_thumbnail_hottopics.gif

It’s important to be timely and involved in current events that affect your business or industry. Social media has evolved into a news sharing platform, so ensure that your business is involved in hot topic conversations, when appropriate.  Current events tend to draw a lot of conversation, and users want to see your personality and opinion. However, be very cautious when commenting on extremely controversial issues, such as politics, as these types of posts can often lead to negative engagement.

As you test different post types and topics, you will learn what your specific audience best responds to and prefers. Take note of those top performing posts and replicate that content when possible. Consider the tips above and tailor them to your business pages. While these tips are certainly not all inclusive, they will help move your business in the right direction with social media engagement. 


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