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Social Media Platforms Explained in One Sentence Each

Social media is used every day to meet new people, stay in touch with loved ones, reconnect with old friends, discuss important social issues, and promote businesses around the world. Today, there are hundreds of social media platforms, with new ones continuing to pop up, and, as of 2022, 4.62 billion active social media users. This makes knowing how to use these platforms for your small business an essential marketing skill.

Keep reading as we explain some of today’s most popular social media platforms in one sentence to help you leverage the power of social media for your small business. Or, if you want the donut version, skip to the image at the end!


An information network that connects you to recent stories, events, news, opinions, and people that spark your interest.


Create and share short mobile videos to entertain, promote, and inspire.


Share thoughts, photos, videos, and links with family and friends.


Post pictures and short videos to keep your followers up-to-date on the happenings of your small business or daily life.


A haven for sharing daily updates in the form of videos and pictures with advanced privacy settings.


A social news forum where people meet to discuss and vote on shared ideas, trends, and issues.


Watch, share, and upload videos to promote, inform, and entertain.


A closed messaging app that allows you to exchange text, audio messages, videos, and images for free.


Build and engage with your professional network, promote your brand, and enhance your professional reputation.


Organize, share, and discover new interests in DIY, fashion, food, workout, décor, travels, and more.


Instantly connect to people, businesses, and happenings in your neighborhood.


Ask questions and find and share answers with other users.

Social Media Explained in a Sentence Graphic

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Simplify Your Social Media Management

As a small business, keeping up with all your social media platforms can be a daunting task. Simplify the experience by using a professional social media management tool. One of our favorite social media management tools is Zoho Social. You can use Zoho Social to design social content, schedule your posts, collaborate with team members, and monitor your social media platforms comments, messages, and more in a single dashboard.

You can even get a small business version of Zoho Social for free!

Try Zoho Social today!

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