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5 Ideas for Gaining Powerful Links to Your Website

Many small businesses know the positive impact link-building can have on a website's ranking power on search engines like Google. However, coming up with unique ways to gain backlinks can be challenging. The following are five unique ways to gain links to your website:

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  1. Infographics - If you have somebody on your team who's savvy enough to create an infographic, listing these on sites that share infographics can be a relatively low-cost way to secure a link. People love consuming and linking to valuable, visual content.
  2. Donations or Sponsorships - Do you have a favorite cause? Try reaching out to local non-profit organizations to see if they have a donor page with links or if they were willing to list your business somewhere in exchange for a donation or sponsorship.
  3. Your College Alma Mater - Getting yourself listed on your college website packs an additional punch of a link from an .edu site. In the link-building world, links from .edu signals to Google the link is coming from an extremely reputable place and carries a higher weight in terms of the benefit it brings for our website.
  4. Guest Posting - Find another business in your industry who is not your direct competition. Reach out to see if they are interested in receiving a guest post on their website. You can also find industry resource websites that often need guest blogs that will allow your website to be linked in the guest blog. Just make sure it’s original content and not replicated anywhere else (including your own blog)!
  5. Trade Forums - Start participating in forums about your field of expertise. When natural and available, mention a resource (i.e. a related how-to blog, infographic, convenient calculator, etc) on your company website and drop a link to it.

Of course, the aforementioned ideas are just the start, as you can really get creative with building power backlinks. Remember that link-building alone will not get you to where you need to be in the search engines and should always be used as a part of a larger, structured Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. If you’re interested in learning more about ongoing SEO or the power of link building for your website, contact our team of SEO experts today!

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