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5 Marketing Tips for Small Businesses to Launch Your Business with Impact

You have done the research, chosen your niche and have the capital to get started. You are passionate about your work and excited to get started launching your business. For a last check, walk through these five marketing tips for small businesses to launch your business with impact to ensure that you are ready to go.

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1. Know Your Brand

When marketing your business, you need to know your brand backwards and forwards. Have a solid grip on knowing who you are, your mission, and your value statements.  In addition to knowing who you are, you need to know why/how you are different from your competitor. A potential client will certainly want to know what you can do for them, but ultimately, they also need to know why they should choose you over a competitor. As a business owner, you should have your branding cemented in your heart and mind, so that you can use it as a basis for everything you do.

2. Know Your Target Buyer Persona(s)

Who is your ideal customer? Depending on what you are selling, there are likely a few standard customers to which you sell. However, you require detailed descriptions of each buyer persona. Your marketing efforts should be directed to this persona to make it effective.  When first starting out, it’s tempting to pursue any business that walks in the door.  However, long-term this can stunt your growth if not kept in check since non-ideal clients typically lead to many internal and external inefficiencies. Keep your ideal client in mind and learn the methods to specifically reach and win that audience.

3. Building Your Tribe

To find your ideal customer base, it can help to build a following on social media sites, your blog, and possibly SMS texting. A real following is more valuable than a purchased list; therefore, you should have a plan in place to generate followers where your target customers hang out.  Keep in mind that your tribe doesn’t have to be limited to past clients only; having friends, family and general fans of your business will go a long way in building your tribe.

4. Create a Support Network

There are several ways to create a support network depending on what type of support you need for help, advice, and encouragement. 

  • In-office support network (assistant, team)
  • Online support network (group of peers on social media)
  • At-home support network (family and friends)
  • Local business support network (local chamber of commerce networking group)

5. Know Your Elevator Pitch

What are you promising your prospects? Knowing your brand inside and out, you can build a rock-solid promise, value, and guarantee to offer your potential customers that you can stand firmly behind. It can be relatively easy to get a potential customer interested in your business if you have an hour meeting to learn about them and find ways you can help with your service offering or product.  In reality those in-depth conversations are the rarity.  You need a quick and concise version, often called an elevator pitch, of what you do and how you’re different that can be expressed in a matter of seconds.  Keep in mind that this pitch can be tailored to your audiences’ unique needs so it’s critical to know the value you bring to your Target Buyer Personas.  Memorize these pitches to deftly insert into any conversation in a natural manner.

Need help with branding your new company online?  Contact us for more information on creating an impact with your online presence.

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