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5 Reasons Your Blog Isn’t Getting Traffic

Does your website have a blog? Regardless of your company size and type, it should. If it's done right, blogging can improve your search engine rankings, increase traffic to your site, position your company as an industry expert, and help give your business a personality. If you aren’t blogging correctly, you may not see those improvements. Here are a few simple reasons your blog isn't getting traffic.

Why Your Blog Isn't Getting Traffic

It's Just Not Very Exciting

Although a business blog should be educational, that's not the only reason people come. The only reason someone will read a blog is because they find it to be interesting. Make sure that the content in your blog is interesting and eye-catching. Don't be afraid to include a little humor, or write with a unique piece of your company's personality.

You Aren’t Consistently Posting New Content

In order to get a larger blog audience, you must post new content on a regular basis! One of the best ways to put this into perspective is by thinking like the blog visitor. Would you subscribe to a blog that not only rarely adds new posts, but is irregular and unreliable with their posting schedule? Search engines need to see consistency of posting to treat your blog as an expert source of information. Not sure how often is acceptable? We recommend one blog post per week for most of our small business clients.

Your Topics Aren’t Focused Enough

All of your blog posts should focus around a specific topic. If you mix multiple topics within one blog post, most of your visitors won't be willing to sort through everything to find the information they were looking for. Likewise, make sure your blog title is correlated with the post content so you aren’t fooling your readers.

You Forgot to Promote Your Posts

It is possible that your blog is great, but it’s not getting much traffic because nobody knows it’s there. Advertise your blog everywhere possible, especially throughout social media (both your company and personal pages) and email campaigns. If you have any live events, seminars, or you’re already running commercials, promote your blog there. Don’t forget to share your posts!

Your Blog is Buried Somewhere on Your Website

A great example of this blogging lapse is unclear website navigation. If you don’t have a clear tab for visitors to click to get to your blogs on your website, you’re losing valuable readers because people don’t have time to look high and low. Another great way to ensure people see your latest blog posts is by highlighting blog teasers on the homepage of your website. Make sure they’re displayed well so no one misses out on reading your posts.

Homepage Blog Showcase

We realize many small business owners may be too busy to write content and promote their blog consistently. So if you need some extra help with your blog, check out our blogging services. Contact us, and we’ll help your blog get the traffic you’re hoping for.

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