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6 Tips for Creating Shareable Content for Your Small Business

As a small business today, the secret to growing your brand and attracting more customers lies in your online marketing technique. In order to put your small business in front of more consumers and generate more potential leads, it’s important to ensure you create eye-catching, interesting, and shareable content. Check out these five tips for creating shareable content and affordably reach new customers!

customer sharing online content from small business

1. Identify Trending Topics in Your Niche and Use Them to Your Advantage

When creating content for your small business, it is helpful to identify popular, trending topics that consumers are currently interested in within your niche or industry. By aligning your online content with these trending topics, you create content that your readers will not only be interested in but will also want to share and discuss with the people in their community.

2. Check Out What Your Competitors are Posting – Conservatively

One easy way to create shareable content is to research what your competitors are creating/posting and how their audience is engaging. This competitive research is a great way to gain insight on what is popular and what your target audience wants to see. Looking at your competition comes with two cautions:

  1. Remember to keep your content unique! Make sure you are sharing your own perspective and expertise.
  2. Do not pigeonhole yourself into only doing what the competition is doing. Certainly, replicate what is wildly successful, but, perhaps even more effective, identify opportunities where your competition is falling short and address those areas within your own content.

3. Use Exciting Headlines for Your Content

In order to ensure your content stands out amidst the millions of other online content, it’s important to create exciting, eye-catching headlines. There are numerous methodologies for headline creation including incorporating action words, evoking emotion, utilizing number lists, FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), etc. Make your headline specific, keyword rich, and eye-catching. Using attention-grabbing headlines will prompt readers to view your content, leading to more engagement and shares.

4. Make Your Content Easy to Skim Read

Not everyone has time to read your content from top to bottom. Most searchers on the web are in a hurry to find the most valuable, actionable information in the least amount of time. As such, your content should be easy to skim read, so that a reader can find the section most meaningful to them. If a reader can get the information they need rapidly, they are more likely to see the value in your work and, as a result, more likely to share it with others.

5. Create Content That Appeals to Your Audience’s Values

As you create your online content, it’s important to consider your target audience’s likes, dislikes, and values. By understanding your audience, you can create content that revolves around your audience’s values and shows them that your company’s values align with theirs.

6. Add Visible Sharing Buttons or Links to Your Posts

To prompt engagement and more shares, it’s crucial to create content that is convenient and easy for your readers to share. Most readers will give up trying to share a post if doing so is a complicated or lengthy process. Be sure to include visible share buttons or links in your online content.

Creating sharable content is a key to influencing more people to consider using your products and/or services. For more tips on how to create shareable content, or to learn more about our content marketing services, contact our experts at Igniting Business today!

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