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Facebook’s Latest Algorithm Change Favors Engaging Videos

Social media's biggest player, Facebook, frequently changes their algorithm. This algorithm determines the content users see in their news feed, and the order in which it appears. For the best chance of success on the platform, your company's social media strategy needs to change with the algorithm.

Facebook Video Algorithm

Recent changes to Facebook's algorithm reflect the ongoing trend both in social media and in digital marketing towards video content. In general, video content continues to rise in priority on the platform, meaning that producing video content gives your brand the best chance of reaching a wider audience.

What Exactly is Changed in the Video Algorithm?

The recent algorithm changes encourage brands and users to post engaging and interesting videos, measured by the percentage of the video that users watch. Videos that are watched all the way through will rank higher than videos that are only watched partially. Essentially, the higher the percentage watched, the higher the video's ranking. Previously, this metric was not factored into the algorithm.

Tips on How to Take Benefit from Facebook’s Video Algorithm Change

For small businesses, the algorithm changes mean that successful social media marketing needs to include a diverse mix of content. While it is still important to include links, polls, photos, and infographics in your online communications, video content continues to grow in popularity.

In order for your video content to get served to your audience, it needs to be high-quality and encourage viewers to watch until the end. Depending on your business, this can be done by providing useful or entertaining content. Consider enticing your viewers to finish your video either explicitly or subtly by teasing something that happens later in the video, or even offering a coupon code at the end.

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