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Getting Started with Google AdWords

Remember our previous Learning the Basics of Google AdWords blog post? This next post in the two-part series discusses getting started with Google AdWords, the do’s and don’ts of the advertising platform, and more.

Getting Started with Google AdWords

Here are five do's and don'ts when it comes to getting your first campaign off the ground!

  1. Do Plan Ahead: Before getting started with Google AdWords, take some time to determine your goals. Say you're a plumber: you'll want to narrow down which type of services you want to bid after, which cities or parts of town to target, and more. It might be a little odd hearing that you need to pick certain services you want to bid after, but you want to make sure you’re spending your money wisely. If a particular service you offer doesn’t bring in much money, then don’t spend your advertising dollars on that service.
  2. Don't Be Too Broad with Keywords: The way to get the most out of your Google AdWords efforts is to be specific. Rather than just bidding on the keyword "plumbing," add more detailed alternatives such as "plumbing in Seattle" or "kitchen plumbing."
  3. Do Use Ad Extensions: From phone numbers to callouts such as "Lifetime Warranty," ad extensions are small additions that can be added to your ad. If Google decides to run the extension, your ad will take up more space in the search results.
  4. Don't Be Too Generic with Copy: When writing your search ads, be sure to hone in on what sets your business apart from the rest. Are you A+ rated by the BBB? Have you been in business for more than 30 years? Explain why your services and/or products outperform your competitors.
  5. Do Use Negative Keywords: Negative keywords will help you filter out some unwanted traffic. For example, if a plumbing company doesn't offer dishwasher repair, they can add this to their negative keyword list if they notice they’re getting too much traffic from users searching for this service.

Have any questions about getting started with Google AdWords or looking for more advanced tips? Don't hesitate to contact us for more information!

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